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Environmental Protection

With the principle of developing a green, low carbon, clean and renewable economy in mind, CNOOC makes great efforts to become a “resource-conserving and environment-friendly” company. Based on the control principles “control after the event is inferior to control during the event, control during the event is inferior to control before the event, and control before the event is inferior to whole process control”, CNOOC has continuously improved its environmental management system, constantly enhanced the whole process environment management for its projects and incorporated environment protection into its routine production and operations. As a result, CNOOC effectively reduces the environmental risk hazards, becomes a “resource-conserving and environment-friendly” company and realizes sustainable development as well for the environment.

Tackling Climate Change

As global warming is increasing, it has become one of the core issues globally in need of resolution, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. As a responsible international energy corporation, CNOOC attaches great importance to the work of tackling climate change. It is the first central enterprise which has completed carbon self-inspection as per international standards.

In 2016, the company actively responded to climate changes. It has been reducing greenhouse gas emissions through developing carbon emission monitoring and verification technology besides constant research on CCUS. It strengthens carbon interrogation and promotes carbon trading, conducting carbon self-inspection according to the newly-launched 24 standards, so as to have a clear idea of the current situation. Multiple Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) projects were allowed to enter into the carbon market. The total amount of CCER exceeded 1 million tons.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Guided by the main ideology of “green development, low carbon and innovation”, CNOOC always advocates green and low-carbon production, living and consumption patterns. It controls energy consumption of new projects from the source through exploring energy conservation potentials of the existing facilities, planning energy distribution within the region and continuous investment of the special fund of energy conservation and emission reduction. It promotes the work of energy conservation and emission reduction depending on technical progress. It also uses energy conservation and emission reduction management information system to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work in the various links of implementing production, products circulation and consumption.

In 2016, the company strictly complied with the requirements set out in the new “Environmental Protection Law” to intensify the supervision and inspection of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. Moreover, it established the monthly tracking and feedback mechanism, tracked and settled 50 environmental hazard events and specified the responsible units and personnel to make correction within a definite time. It formulated and revised five energy conservation standards and conducted the overall revision of the systems, regulations and detailed rules of energy conservation management. It carried out “Energy Efficiency Frontrunner” and advanced energy conservation campaigns of 12th “Five-Year Plan” and the training activity of energy conservation management personnel. It organized promotional activities by the names of Energy Conservation Week and National Low Carbon Day. It concentrated in conducting energy audit, “Green Factory”, formulation of the construction scheme of energy management center, optimization of energy system, investigation of the boiler energy conservation potentials, renovation of variable frequency pump and water and electricity conservation of circulating water system to promote the overall improving of the energy conservation.

In 2016, CNOOC was awarded the 4th term of “Excellent Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Enterprise” issued by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) as its 30 affiliated key energy consumption units all accomplished the “Ten Thousand of Enterprises” energy conservation task assigned by National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC). The Establishment and Implementation of Comprehensive Energy Conservation Management won the first prize of national petroleum and petrochemical “Excellent Achievement of Enterprise Management Modernization”. The energy conservation and emission reduction monitoring center of the head office was rated by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the only one “Industrial Energy Conservation and Green Development Assessment Center” in the oil and gas industry of China.

Moreover, the company implemented 52 energy conservation projects and invested RMB 406 million for the whole year. As a result, it saved 230,000 tons of standard coals and contributed continuously to the ecological civilization construction.

In 2016, the annual comprehensive energy consumption of CNOOC was 14.343 million tons of standard coal, the energy consumption of production value per ten thousand yuan was 0.3519 ton of standard coal (comparable price in 2015). In 2016, five units under CNOOC, including Huizhou Refinery Branch, were awarded the “Energy Conservation Advanced Unit” of the petroleum and chemical industry of China. CNOOC Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Monitoring Centre and CNOOC Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Service Co., Ltd. were awarded the “Excellent Service Unit of Energy Conservation” in national petroleum and chemical industry. The company takes “Energy Efficiency Frontrunner” activity as a long-term mechanism. The ethylene, methanol and synthetic ammonia of the affiliated enterprises were each awarded the honourable title of “Energy Efficiency Frontrunner”. CSPC was awarded the title of “Energy Efficiency Frontrunner” in 2016 national ethylene industry and ranked second.

With great importance attached to the policy of “focusing on resource development and energy conservation and prioritizing conservation”, and based on the core of improving the utilization rate of water resource, CNOOC places emphasis on technological progress and innovations, increases efforts on technology reforms, intensifies supervision management, strengthens wastewater comprehensive treatment and recycling, and enhances water resource management in the round.

In 2016, CNOOC clarified the water conservation tasks and targets to all subsidiaries and promoted the implementation of water conservation. CNOOC actively conducted water conservation advocating and strengthened danger awareness of water resource and water conservation, organized a series of water conservation management and technology measures to realize water-saving, implemented production technical optimization and continued to decrease the fresh water consumption for unit product, and saved valuable water resources through reusing of reclaimed water, sea water desalinization and other measures. CNOOC consumed 84 million tons of fresh water through the year and realized 674,000 tons of conservation.

Ecological Protection

As a proactive advocate for the protection of marine ecological environment, CNOOC always attaches great importance to the protection of biodiversity in the area surrounding the operation zone. Protecting the environment is the company’s unwavering commitment during all phases of a project life cycle. In order to maintain a harmonious balance between the economic projects and ecological environment, the company always makes it a point to pre-assess environmental risks, so that it can identify the environmentally sensitive targets in the vicinity of the project and avoid environmental risks.

In addition, through the platform of CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation, we have actively committed ourselves to the ecological diversity research and protection project, promoting resource restoration and environment improvement in the area where the project is located and establishing characteristic projects, such as “protection of larga seal” and “enhancement and releasing”. In the meanwhile, the company has positively participated in environmental protection campaigns, making efforts to create better ecological conditions for building a beautiful China.

CNOOC has carried out the three-year project of Bohai Sea penaeus orientalis enhancement capacity research. It has thrice launched comprehensive investigation on Bohai Sea’s nekon, benthos and plankton, etc., besides embarking on a voyage of basic productivity survey. Through such extensive basic researches, it has determined the evaluation method of penaeus orientalis enhancement capacity based on Ecopath model.

The protection and research of various larga seals in the Dalian Larga Seal National Nature Reserve has become the characteristic ecological protection project funded by CNOOC for four consecutive years during which the company conducted more than 30 times animal rescue activities and successfully rescued 11 larga seals and one finless porpoise. It assists the construction of Lvshun Shuangdao Larga Seal Monitoring Station and has completed the construction of holding pond of larga seals with volume of 300 m3 to provide hardware basis for the protection of larga seals. It also raised awareness on larga seal protection through releasing activities and popular science campaign at the scenic spots, communities, fishing zones and school districts. Moreover, it has been continuously carrying out the scientific research of investigation and observation of larga seals distribution on the ice and larga seal physiological research, among other activities.

The company also put in efforts in the distribution and protection of the finless porpoise population quantity, breeding migration in the Huanghai Sea and the Bohai Sea. The finless porpoise is listed among the Class II Endangered and Protected Wildlife Species of China and in Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and faces the severe living condition under the double pressure of deteriorative ecological environment and overfishing. In order to grasp the population dynamics of finless porpoise group and its individual behaviour in the Huanghai Sea and the Bohai Sea, CNOOC formulated the constructive strategy of protecting finless porpoise and funds to conduct a 5-year research project.

Besides, we engage in research on protection and restoration technology of typical coastal zone ecological environment and resources in Shandong. The company has organized to conduct the species selection for key biological resources remediation. It researches the key technology of remediation of the coastal wetland vegetation and constructed the science popularization exhibition room of marine ecological environmental protection. It carries out further study on the current situation of genetic resources of the biological remediation species in Shandong typical sea areas to make the protection policies of coastal wetlands and vegetation.

The construction project of eco-village in the beautiful Weizhou Island is another field of our commitment. CNOOC positively supports the healthy development of villages in the Weizhou Island, financing and planning the layout of environmental protection facilities of Zitongmu Village in Weizhou Island. It has carried out the village road reconstruction, centralized construction of waste water and rainwater and environmental protection campaign among others. It has protected the biological resources and ecological environment of Weizhou Island and the surrounding sea area, improved the villagers’ level of awareness of natural environmental protection and made a positive contribution to the construction of beautiful Weizhou Island.

Chinese White Dolphins belong to the first level protected species in China, and are listed in the near threatened species by IUVN. Influenced by human activities, their number and diversity are continuously reduced. Their population in Pearl River Estuary and Xiamen appears differentiation in genetics. CNOOC proposes to make constructive protection strategies for the protection object of Chinese White Dolphins in the water areas of Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi. It comprehensively masters the information of population quantity and distribution range of them in China sea area and then defines the potential and key habitats of them. It is planned firstly to take one year’s time to conduct the small population dynamic monitoring and risk assessment of them in Xiamen City, and Shantou City, etc. and then complete the investigation of their distribution range and core habitat.

Nexen assisted in the protection of ancient mankind historical sites. The protection of biological diversity not only refers to the protection of other plants and animals, but also covers the protection of human’s culture and lifestyle and understands the human being’s way of life and influence in the natural environment as a biological population. In an archaeological activity in 2016, the archaeologists discovered the relics of ancient human activities near the Nexen’s assets in British Columbia, Canada. After learning the news, Nexen immediately sent a team formed by environment experts and surface land experts to actively assist the archaeologists to unearth and protect the historical sites and was highly appraised by the archaeological team.

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