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Environmental Protection

As a member of the global contract and a main promoter of the “Energy Revolution”, CNOOC has carried out the principle of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Sharing” and practiced the idea of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets”. We integrate environmental protection into the whole business and strive to reduce the impact of enterprise production and operation on the environment in order to achieve the harmonious development between man and nature, and provide more quality energy products to meet people’s growing needs of the beautiful ecological environment.

Tackling Climate Change

As a responsible energy corporation, CNOOC has actively responded to the Paris Agreement and climate change. The Company focuses on building a clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, continues to build an all-around low-carbon management system and strives to achieve the wonderful vision of “Our High Quality Energy for Clear Water and Blue Sky”.

In 2017, CNOOC clarified its duties of low-carbon management, set up low-carbon promotion leading groups and low-carbon promotion offices in the second level subordinates and other key controlled discharging subsidiaries, actively participated in the construction of carbon market in China, participated in the drafting of low-carbon standards of the industry, built up the low-carbon management system, formulated low-carbon management regulations and rules, completed the construction of low-carbon management information platform and carried out a number of research projects like “The Carbon Emissions Effects Analysis of Newly Developed Domestic Offshore Oil and Gas Fields” in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.

In 2017, CNOOC carried out carbon emissions effects assessment of oil and gas fields with comprehensive energy consumption of more than 20,000 tons of standard coal, or CO2 direct emissions of more than 10,000 tons, and downstream investment projects with comprehensive energy consumption of more than 50,000 tons of standard coal, elaborated the scope, review process and depth of report content of carbon emissions effects assessment for investment and construction projects of fixed assets. A competent professional technical team was set up and a technical, assessment and management system of carbon emissions was formed.

In 2017, CNOOC conducted carbon inventory in 35 key controlled discharging subsidiaries and made it clear the corporate carbon assets, carbon quota in need and the basis for participation in the formulation of national standards of the industry as well as for making low-carbon development strategy. More than 1,000 person-time were trained of low-carbon management and the training time was in total 300 class hours.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

As an advocator and practitioner of low-carbon economy, CNOOC always adheres to green, low-carbon and circular development philosophy and takes energy conservation and emission reduction as important approaches to transform the development pattern and enhance core competitiveness, actively takes part in the environmental governance and implements commitment on emission reduction.

In 2017, CNOOC invested RMB 350 million in energy conservation and emission reduction, implemented 158 projects and reduced energy consumption per RMB 10,000 turnover to 0.3805 tons of standard coal. Working with the State Oceanic Administration on the regulation of marine pollution discharge permission, the Company carried out related research with a special report as outcome. The Company also led the formulation of industrial standards in the Synthetic Ammonia Green Factory Assessment Guide. Both CNOOC BlueChemical and CNOOC & Shell Petrochemicals were named the national “Green Factory Demonstration Unit”, while COOEC’s project “Green Supply Chain System Construction of Typical Marine Equipment” was selected in the yearly state key projects of green manufacturing system integration.

CNOOC centers on strengthening the environmental impact assessment management. Taking CNOOC environmental management information system as a platform, the Company promotes the whole process environmental protection management by focusing on the strict EIA management, pollutant emission standards and total quantity control management as well as the overall emission reduction management. In 2017, the Company’s SO2 emission was 4,709.8 tons; the NOx emission was 10,267.9 tons; and ammonia nitrogen emission was 66.2 tons, decreased by 21%, 4% and 39% over the same period last year, respectively. The COD was 1,073.9 tons.

With emphasis on utilization efficiency of water resources,CNOOC strengthens the protection of water resources, implements water-saving activities and promotes the recycling of water resources in order to save freshwater resources and enhance sustainable recycling of water resources. The Company continues to intensify technological innovation, strengthen water use process management, take comprehensive measures to reuse wastewater and reclaimed water, and comprehensively strengthen water resources management.

In 2017, CNOOC clarified the water conservation tasks and targets to all subsidiaries and promoted the implementation of water conservation down to every level of the Company. CNOOC actively conducted water conservation advocating and strengthened the sense of crisis of water resource and water conservation, used a series of water conservation management and technical measures for water-saving, implemented optimization of production process and continued to decrease the fresh water consumption per unit of product, and saved fresh water resources through the use of reclaimed water, sea water desalinization and other measures. CNOOC consumed 96.391 million tons of fresh water and saved 2.212 tons of water resources in the whole year.

Ecological Protection

As a proactive advocate and practitioner for the protection of marine ecological environment, CNOOC always attaches great importance to the protection of biodiversity in the area surrounding the operation zone. Environment protection is the Company’s unwavering commitment during all phases of a project life cycle. In order to maintain a harmonious balance between the economy-centered projects and ecological environment, the Company makes it a point to pre-assess environmental risks, so that it can identify the environmentally sensitive targets in the vicinity of the projects and avoid environmental risks.

In addition, through the platform of CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC Welfare Foundation), the Company have actively committed itself to the ecological diversity research and protection projects, promoting resource restoration and environment improvement in the area where the projects are located and establishing characteristic projects, such as protection of largha seal and enhancement and releasing, and makes great efforts to create better ecological conditions for building a beautiful China.

Ecological risk assessment of crustacean resources enhancement. In 2017, CNOOC funded the research project “Ecological Risk Assessment of Crustacean Resources Enhancement”, which was proposed to study the ecological problems caused by the current largescale enhancement and release in China, for example the possible ecological risks of the crustacean enhancement and release, and to guide the planning for enhancement and release as well as production practices by using a set of risk assessment techniques in order to avoid serious ecological problems in the process of enhancement such as the ecological competition in the same niche and the decline in biological diversity.

Largha seal protection and research project. CNOOC Welfare Foundation has funded the “Largha Seal Protection and Research” project in Dalian Largha Seal National Nature Reserve for five consecutive years. The project has already been regarded as a characteristic ecological protection project of the Foundation. In 2017, the project completed the investigation on the distribution and habitat of Largha Seals in the breeding season, and the investigation and research on the quality of sea ice in breeding-grounds of Largha Seals. The analysis of the chemical composition of the sea ice, especially the concentration of pollutants, provides theoretical data for largha seal protection.

Research on protection and restoration technology for ecological environment and resources in the typical coastal zone of Shandong, China. CNOOC Welfare Foundation has funded Shandong Marine Development Research Association to carry out research projects for keeping abreast of the situation of germplasm resource for bioremediation in the typical coastal zone of Shandong and formulating policies to protect coastal wetland and vegetation. During the period 2016-2017, the project selected the key resources of species for bioremediation and directionally restored 55.5 million units; carried out the research on the key technology of vegetation restoration in coastal wetlands and restored 15 hectares of vegetation; applied for 2 patents; and built 1 popular science exhibition room for marine ecological environment protection.

Study on the population, migration distribution and protection of finless porpoises in the Huanghai Sea and the Bohai Sea. CNOOC Welfare Foundation funded a five-year research project to keep track of the population development and individual behavior ecology of finless porpoises in the Huanghai Sea and the Bohai Sea, and to make a constructive strategy for finless porpoise protection. During the project period, 2 investigations on finless porpoises were carried out in Sanwan of Bohai Sea with 87 witness of porpoises; and 4 cruises investigations were carried out by adopting acoustic detection and intercept survey in the coastal waters of the South Huanghai Sea, and 64 porpoises were observed. The investigations has accumulated experiences for further investigation on the population of finless porpoises in China’s seawaters and provided a scientific basis for the finless porpoise reserve area planning in the Huanghai Sea and the Bohai Sea.

“Beautiful Weizhou Island” Ecovillage Construction Project. In 2017, CNOOC Welfare Foundation continued to subsidize the “Beautiful Weizhou Island” Ecovillage Construction Project, actively promoted the follow-up projects of road transformation and concentrated treatment of sewage rainwater in Zitongmu Village and organized the publicity activities of environmental protection knowledge. The development of the project contributed to protecting biological resources and ecological environment of Weizhou Island and the surrounding sea, improving the villagers’ consciousness of protecting natural environment and helping the construction of a beautiful Weizhou Island.

Marine enhancement and release project. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, CNOOC Welfare Foundation continued to carry out aquatic lives enhancement and release activities in sea areas of Xisha and Fujian and effectively promoted the sustainable development of local fisheries and increased local fishermen’s income. The activities promoted the development of local economy, produced significant ecological, economic and social benefits, and received extensive attention and strong support from all sectors of the society. The marine enhancement and release project has become a characteristic marine environmental protection project of the Foundation.

In 2017, Nexen sponsored and participated in local projects of bird protection. Signal trackers were installed on birds in the vicinity of the Long Lake operation area to monitor breeding and migration of birds, in order to provide data support to research on bird behaviors in oil sands operation areas. Nexen also carried out ecological restoration in the abandoned catchment of NEBC shale gas zone and returned lakes and wetlands to the region.

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