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Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is the engine for an enterprise’s sustainable development. As a global energy company, CNOOC is championing efforts to supply quality energy and explore the potential of the sea through relentless technology innovation.

CNOOC continuously enhances efforts in key technological breakthroughs, reform of R&D system and mechanism, and R&D management Improvement. As a result, the independent innovation capability of the company has notably improved.

R&D Project Management

In 2015, CNOOC invested RMB 6.37 billion on R&D, of which RMB 3.07 billion was for research, accounting for 1.49% and 0.72% of revenue respectively. The company systematically coordinated national projects in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, projects at ministerial level and at corporate level. In total, the company carried out 947 R&D projects in the year, including 78 national and provincial-level projects and 349 Group-level projects. CNOOC also transformed the R&D project evaluation approach to ensure cost control and efficiency of new projects. The major breakthroughs in the 12th Five-Year Plan period included 12 core technologies such as “Design, Construction and Application of Ultra-deepwater Semi-submersible Drilling Platform”, 15 core products such as “Rotary Steering Drilling System” and 8 technologies such as “Overall Infilling and Comprehensive Adjustment of Offshore Heavy Oilfields”.

R&D Platforms

Focusing on key technologies in heavy oilfields, deepwater oilfields and unconventional oilfields, CNOOC has launched and carried out the construction of 17 research platforms, including “Xinjiang Experiment Platform of Well Drilling” and “Engineering R&D Platform for Marine Seismic Survey System for Towed-streamer”, and has made remarkable achievements. It has obtained the experimental technology capabilities of drilling experiments at a depth of 7,000 meters, digibird assembly and testing, high-temperature & high-pressure sample testing and testing of hazardous substances in marine coatings, providing a basic guarantee for independent innovations.

Technology Achievements

In 2015, CNOOC won 59 technological awards at the industrial level or above, of which 3 were national scientific and technological awards, 13 were awards at provincial or ministerial level and 43 were awards at industrial level. The achievement “Application of Key Polymer Flooding Technologies for Improving Recovery Ratio of Offshore Heavy Oil” received the Second Prize of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The achievements “Development and Application of Packaged Technologies of High-Efficiency and Environment-Friendly Aromatic Hydrocarbon” and “Key Technology and Engineering Application of Using Scrap Tires to Construct High-Performance Asphalt Pavement” won the Grand Prize and the Second Prize of Science and Technological Progress Award respectively. The achievement “Anti-Corrosion Processing Approach of Highly Acid Crude Oil” received the 17th “National Patent Excellence Award”. CNOOC was granted 999 patents (including 364 invention patents), and released 135 technical standards (including 32 national standards, 15 industrial standards and 88 corporate standards) during the year.

Technology Application

CNOOC actively promotes the industrialization of R&D achievements. It released and implemented Administrative Regulations on Pilot Projects of Major Technology Achievements in CNOOC (Trial), Administrative Regulations on Industrial (Mine) Pilot Projects of Major Technology Achievements in CNOOC (Trial) and Administrative Regulations on the Promotion of Major Technology Achievements in CNOOC (Trial). Based on the regulations, it initiated pilot projects of major technology achievements and of industrialization (mine) of major technology achievements and promotion projects of major technology achievements, which realized the supportive function of R&D in production and operation.

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