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Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is a strategic engine for an enterprise’s sustainable development. Serving as a global energy company, CNOOC is championing efforts to supply high-quality energy and exploring new-type marine energies continuously based on the oil and gas businesses and driven by the technology innovation, with a view to providing an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development of the company.

The company vigorously implements “science and technology drive” strategy. According to the scientific and technological working idea of “arrangement, highlight, normalization, upgrade”, the company fully plays the motivation and leadership of scientific and technological innovation, strives to make technological breakthroughs, successively deepens the scientific and technological system and mechanism reform, comprehensively upgrades scientific and technological management, then the scientific and technological innovation mechanism is continuously improved and the independent innovation capacity is obviously strengthened. In 2016, the company implemented the 13th “Five-Year Scientific and Technological Plan” and top-level design of major scientific and technological projects, deepened the scientific and technological innovation operation mechanism study, successfully held the 8th Science and Technology Conference and the first innovation meeting of CNOOC, strengthened various functional work management cored with scientific and technological project management, which have all achieved great result.

Management of Scientific Research Project

With continuous and stable scientific and technological capital investment, CNOOC invested RMB 4.78 billion annually, among which RMB 2.06 billion was for R&D, and those were 1.1% and 0.47% of the main operation business revenues respectively. Top-level designs of 35 major scientific and technological projects of the 13th “Five-Year Plan” were completed, which further focused on the core technology breakthroughs including high-efficiency development of heavy oil, exploration and development of deepwater oil and gas fields, exploration and development of offshore low-permeability natural gas and onshore unconventional oil and gas and other fields, brought forward the implementation of scientific and technological plans. It has arranged the organization and management of various levels of scientific and technological projects including major national special projects, key national research and development planning projects and CNOOC major technological and scientific projects, meanwhile, 1,151 scientific research subjects at different levels were conducted through the year, including 96 national and provincial projects, 416 company-level projects and 639 subsidiary projects. It has innovated project approval and pre-audition method, conducted strict checking on project approval of new tasks, in 2016, it has applied 100 tasks while 68 tasks were actually approved.

Establishment of Scientific Research Platform

The construction of CNOOC top-level design of the scientific research condition platform has been completed, which formed the list of 14 key platforms construction deployment including earth physical key laboratory. In 2016, the scientific research condition platform construction achieved a series of results, 6 projects including “Xinjiang drilling test platform construction” were successfully inspected and approved, among which the Xinjiang drilling test platform project completed the 4-well platform trial run drilling operation, conducted over 20 scientific research equipment and instruments test and training for over 600 people. High temperature and high pressure oil and gas development experimental platform project developed several experimental technologies including rock-electricity pressure simultaneous analysis at 200℃, 75-100MPa, which have been applied for over 1,500 times. The horizontal well test capacity construction project of multiple-branch diversion moderate sand control research and development condition platform built the first horizontal test well “JJSY-2H” in China. The horizontal section of “JJSY-2H” was 401 meters which can meet the requirements of horizontal tools and technological test. The project of tight oil and gas reservoir exploration and development created a set of mature experimental technical systems with tight oil and gas reservoir exploration and development. The project of submarine pipeline high-efficiency welding technology and welding joint ECA evaluation technology platform independently developed submarine pipeline high-efficiency welding technology including X65, CRA and X70.

Scientific and Technological Innovation

In 2016, 35 innovation results were awarded with provincial and above level prize, among which 2 were national scientific and technological prizes, 11 were provincial scientific and technological prizes and 22 were industrial scientific and technological prizes. “Key Breakthroughs of Deepwater Oil and Gas Geological Theoretical Technology Innovation and Exploration in North Continental Margin of South China Sea” won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. “A Deolefin Catalyst Manufacturing Method” won the 18th Outstanding China Patent Award. 834 patents were authorized including 452 invention patents. Meanwhile, the company completed the integration of standardized modification projects, upgraded standard quality and level, integrated 107 single standards to 75 with 30% of integration rate. 108 technological standards were issued (among which 17 national standards, 30 industrial standards and 61 enterprises), two international standards-“module drilling machine” and “pipeline integrity management” were promoted.

International Technology Exchange

International technology exchange is a significant platform for the company to build scientific and technological innovation soft power. The conduction of foreign scientific and technological exchange is of advantageous effect for introducing foreign advanced technologies, promoting core technologies of CNOOC, upgrading company scientific research level and expanding the visions of researchers. In 2016, the company closely met the developmental need of industry, actively organized and participated in 31 international and domestic communications, among which 12 were international and 19 were domestic, with the participation of 3,055 person times.

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