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Technology Innovation

Scientific and technological innovation is the strategic engine for the development of enterprises. Taking the oil and gas industry as the cornerstone, CNOOC adheres to the innovation-driven strategy, focuses on core technologies and constantly explores new marine energy, in order to provide inexhaustible power for sustainable development.

Management of Research Project

CNOOC gave full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, and continued to reinforce the research on core technologies. In 2017, the Company invested RMB 7.29 billion in science and technology, of which RMB 2.79 billion was for R&D, equivalent to 1.33% and 0.51% of the main business revenues respectively. The Company actively adjusted the managing model of scientific research project and supported research on key issues. According to the top-level designed 35 major scientific and technological projects in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the Company demonstrated and passed 79 research projects, completed the annual inspection of 134 continuing projects on schedule and the completion rate achieved 100%. 82 projects were completed in the whole year and achieved more than 20 periodical and symbolic results, such as “Marine Natural Gas Hydrate Production Test by Solid Fluidization Technology”, “Study on Fracture System and Reservoir-forming in the West of Bohai Sea”, “Rules of Gas Accumulation and Key E&P Technologies for HTHP Gas Fields in Yingqiong Basin”.

Establishment of Research Platform

The Company has steadily promoted the construction of the technical research platform and effectively improved its R&D capability. In 2017, it implemented 14 platform construction projects, launched 7 new laboratory construction projects for offshore low permeability gas reservoir E&P, unconventional oil and gas E&P, well logging and directional drilling, etc. 3 platform construction projects were accepted in the year, which helped the Company develop the abilities of well logging and directional drilling equipment design and function test, of research and development experiment of complete set of equipment technology for high precision towing cable seismic system, of catalytic materials analysis and characterization and evaluation as well as oil refining auxiliaries dynamic evaluation test. In the trial operation stage, the 3 platforms supported or promoted the research and industrialization of the core technical equipment and products such as the ELIS imaging logging system, Hai Liang II equipment and series of hydrogenation catalyst, etc. The Natural Gas Hydrate State Key Laboratory submitted by the Company was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Joint Research Institute of Marine Energy Engineering and Technology, China Marine Resources Development Strategy Research Center, CNOOC Refining and Petrochemical Science Research Institute were unveiled. CNOOC Science and Technology Park in Beijing Future Science Park (Changping) was officially opened.

Main Achievements in Technical Innovation

CNOOC continuously improves the system of scientific and technological innovation and has greatly improved its independent innovation ability. In 2017, the Company achieved 48 awards at provincial and ministerial level and above, including 1 National Prize for scientific and technological achievements, 21 provincial and ministerial level prizes for scientific and technological achievements and 26 industrial prizes for scientific and technological achievements. The Research on the Industrial Application of Key Drilling and Completion Technologies for HTHP Wells in the South China Sea won the First Prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards. CNOOC led the drafting of the ISO 18647 Oil and Gas Industry - Specifications for Offshore Modular Drilling Rigs on Fixed Platforms, which was released as an international standard. CNOOC Gas & Power Group won the CWC LNG Technological Innovation Award 2017.

In 2017, CNOOC was granted 840 authorized patents, including 508 invention patents; issued 126 technical standards, including 1 international standard, 15 national standards, 34 industrial standards, 76 enterprise standards. CNOOC organized and participated in 28 international and national scientific and technological communications with 4,086 person-time in total, which helped the Company show its innovation achievements to the public and broaden the vision of researchers.

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