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Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

Oil & gas exploration and development has been the priority of the company. The company persists in the guiding principle to explore and search for large and medium size oil and gas fields and has achieved remarkable exploration breakthroughs in offshore China and overseas. Through its extensive efforts, the company strives to meet the ever increasing global demand for oil and gas.

In 2015, the domestic production reached 47.73 million tons of oil and 14.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas (including CBM). The overseas production reached 31.97 million tons of crude oil and 10.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas.


In 2015, the company ensured its exploration spending in its core area, offshore China, and prioritized mature areas and rolling areas, and made appropriate adjustment on the number of high cost wells such as deepwater wells; overseas, the company collaborated with its partners to optimize exploration program and focused on areas with high success rates. During the year, breakthroughs were made in both offshore China and overseas exploration.

In offshore China, the exploration activities of the company remained at a high level. In 2015, a total of approximately 13.0 thousand kilometers of 2D Seismic Data was acquired independently; a total of approximately 16.5 thousand square kilometers of 3D Seismic Data was acquired independently and through PSC, and 123 exploration wells were drilled. In addition, the company completed 19 unconventional wells onshore China. 14 new discoveries were made and 20 oil and gas structures were successfully appraised. The success rate of independent exploration wells in offshore China is 45-67%.

In 2015, the company continued to implement a proactive exploration strategy in offshore China, resulting in successful achievements including the following:

Firstly, effectively completed the appraisal of three mid-to-large sized oilfields. The oil and gas structures of Caofeidian 6-4, Luda 16-3/Luda 16-3 South and Bozhong 34-9 in Bohai were successfully appraised, most of which being light oil.

Secondly, remarkable achievements were made in rolling and expanding exploration in the North Slope of East Sag in Baiyun Trough in Eastern South China Sea. Two discoveries of Liuhua 20-2 and Liuhua 21-2 were made which significantly enhanced the overall efficiency of exploration and development in the region.

Thirdly, breakthroughs were made in the expansion and new layer exploration in the central valley channels in Western South China Sea, with the discovery of Lingshui 18-1, and successful appraisal of the oil and gas structure of Lingshui 25-1.

Fourthly, with existing production facilities, the rolling exploration in Bohai has led to remarkable results, with the successful appraisal of Bozhong 34-1N oil and gas structure. Aiming at high-abundance and high-quality reserves, the company strengthened the integrated exploration and development in Wushi Trough in Western South China Sea, and successfully appraised a number of oilfields around Wushi 17-2, which enhanced the development efficiency of the region.

Such achievements have further consolidated the position of offshore China as the core area of the company and demonstrated the company’s unique strength in offshore China.

For overseas exploration, the company continued to focus on key areas and optimized its investment portfolio strategies for sustainable development. New discoveries included REZ in Algeria and Ukot South in Nigeria. In addition, three oil and gas structures were successfully appraised, including MAS and OGB in Algeria and Libra in Brazil, demonstrating the company’s favorable exploration progress overseas.

Furthermore, the company has enhanced its management through optimizing exploration portfolio and projects, improving management processes and operational organization and reinforcing on-site operation management, integration of development and exploration and overseas management.

In 2015, the company utilized technological innovation to break through bottlenecks in exploration. The company also increased operational efficiency through technological innovations such as Single Trip Triple Large Coring. Breakthroughs were made in the sampling process of heavy oil in Bohai. The well logging and testing for high-pressure high-temperature wells also made progress.

Engineering Construction, Development and Production

In 2015, the company successfully completed its production target and reached the high end of the target set early this year. To date, new projects planned for 2015, Jinzhou 9-3 comprehensive adjustment, Bozhong 28/34 comprehensive adjustment, Kenli 10-1 oilfield, Dongfang 1-1 phase I adjustment and Luda 10-1 comprehensive adjustment, commenced production in the year; Weizhou 11-4N oilfield phase II and Weizhou 12-2 oilfield joint development project were announced to commence production early 2016.

In 2015, the company’s development and production faced tremendous pressure due to the continuous slump in international oil prices. Therefore, while ensuring production safety, the company focused on enhancing efficiency and lowering costs in its development and production operations, and was able to achieve its annual development and production targets during the year.

Firstly, we focused on return in feasibility study projects and significantly reduced development investments. We achieved this mainly by optimizing designs and investment.

Secondly, we strictly controlled the quality of geology and reservoirs designs and promoted the risk-resistance capacity of new projects. This will help us ensure that various development indicators are achieved for infill drilling, comprehensive adjustment projects and new oil and gas fields.

Thirdly, we conducted special programs to lower operating expenses and established a long-term mechanism to solidify the achievements, which resulted in the successful control of operating costs. By utilizing market mechanisms, service and supply costs have also been lowered.

Fourthly, the number of projects and production expenditures were effectively controlled through project screening, budget controls and process management. Meanwhile, through changes in the performance review system of business units, their motivation of cost control was strengthened.

Unconventional Natural Gas

In 2015, the company realized a CBM utilization equivalent to 870 million cubic meters, increasing by 35.0% compared to that of last year.

Three main reserves areas have been formed in the Shanxi-Shaanxi Gas Field, namely, the reserves areas in southern Qinshui Basin mainly with CBM, the eastern margin of the Ordos Basin mainly with tight gas, and the middle area of Shanxi mainly with CBM.

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