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Corporate Citizenship

The development of a company requires strong support from the whole society, which, in turn, requires active contributions from companies to develop. As making full efforts to ensure energy supplies, enhancing environment protection and creating economic values, CNOOC always focuses on livelihood and complies with its obligations and responsibilities of a corporate citizenship, promoting social progress with its real actions. In 2017, the Company continued to commit to humanitarian engagements and voluntary service, making joint efforts to build the community with an investment of RMB 93.04 million.

  • Humanitarian Engagement
    • CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation is the unified management platform for public welfare programs such as charity and environmental protection carried out by CNOOC. The Company has been committed to marine environmental and ecological protection, promotion of marine ecological scientific research and technological development, support for international communication and cooperation in the oceanic domain, and other public welfare undertakings. In 2017, CNOOC Welfare Foundation input more than RMB 64.29 million in social public welfare, including RMB 40.75 million to poverty alleviation and aid in Tibet, RMB 15.8 million to marine environmental protection, RMB 7.74 million to public welfare cooperation. In the evaluation of social organizations organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CNOOC Welfare Foundation was rated a 4A-level foundation. The Foundation also won multiple awards, such as “Children and Young People’s Charity Award”, “Guangming Charity Award”, “Award for Organization and Group with Most Caring”.

      CNOOC has been shouldering social responsibility and fighting for 23 years on the road to poverty alleviation and aid in Tibet. At present, the Company undertakes the Counterpart aid task targeted at Wuzhi Mountains and Baoting County in Hainan, Hezuo City and Xiahe County in Gansu, Zhuozi County in Inner Mongolia and Nyima County in Tibet. By the end of 2017, the Company had cumulatively dispatched 37 cadres and 16 engineers and technicians, as well as investing RMB 470 million for poverty alleviation and aid in Tibet.

      CNOOC has funded the construction of Hope Schools and subsidized economy inferior college students in order to improve learning environment for students, reduce the economic burden on the families of the students, improve the educational level of the poverty-stricken areas and help the students grow up healthily. With the platform “CNOOC College Student Fund”, jointly set by CNOOC and China Song Ching Ling Foundation, CNOOC cumulatively donated more than RMB 40 million, benefiting 37 colleges and universities, and directly subsidized more than 14,000 economy inferior students in the past 14 years.

      CNOOC continued donations and support to the “Water Cellar for Mothers” project of China Women’s Development Foundation, with the cumulative donation of RMB 22.8million, construction of 7,252 water cellars and 52 small-scale centralized water supply works, reconstruction of drinking water and hand washing facilities in 32 schools, and improvement of infrastructure in 7 villages. In 2017, CNOOC Welfare Foundation donated RMB 2 million to China Women’s Development Foundation to “Water Cellar for Mothers” and “Water Cellar for Mothers - Safe Drinking Water on Campus” projects located in Yan’an City, Shaanxi, and Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia.

  • Integration into Community
    • CNOOC commits to serving the community, creating harmony and bringing benefits to the people, makes efforts to share our resources with communities, proactively carries out community building in a cooperative way and repays communities with its development outcomes.

      The Company constantly advanced the “Warm Hearts” projects to help local residents solve difficulties in life, improve local ecological environment, drive the community culture building, effectively improve the residents’ living standard and build their beautiful home with cooperative efforts. The Company established the regular communication mechanism with communities and listened for rationalization proposals of local governments and residents. Under the premise of safe production, CNOOC took advantage of its own resources and capabilities, actively participated in social maritime rescue. CNOOC kept “Inviting in” and “Going out” to help people in communities understand the Company, learn knowledge, thus established a profound friendship with them through mutual respect, mutual help and mutual learning.

      Adhering to the concept of “Respect, Mutual Trust and Win-win”, CNOOC actively integrates into community. A series of long-term and systematic community construction such as charity and donation, voluntary services and funding education have been carried out to benefit local residents. CNOOC takes project investment to drive local development with job creation and economic growth, so as to deeply influence on community.

      CNOOC Iraq Company spend annual budget of USD 5 million on education and infrastructure construction other than oilfield operation. In 2017, the Company signed 9 contracts for social contribution projects, including road and power grid project of Al-Musharrah District in Amara City, 2 construction projects of three-floor steel mixed structure school buildings with a total architectural area of 5,400 m2. Based on “Safe Production Month” activities, the Company carried out security publicity and sent charity to villagers and school children living around the oilfield. CNOOC people brought various drinks and cakes as well as visors and footballs as gifts to the local participants. The Company and its employees won the praise of the local people and achieved positive social responses.

      CNOOC Uganda Company organized community relations teams to share information with community through daily communication, regular visits, thematic communication meetings, partner joint activities and regular meeting of the Advisory Committee, so as to respond to community’s opinions, complaints and suggestions and promote the community relations management. The Company carried out for five consecutive years the CNOOC Scholarship program to primary and middle school students in Hoima, with accumulated 330 students benefited. 8 students were sent in succession to study in China and achieved good results.

      CNOOC SES Ltd. carried out underwater photography and coral reef training for 20 residents living in poverty of Thousand Islands Regency, in the vicinity of its operation area, and encouraged local communities to develop tourism and marine environmental protection industry.

      The Company renovated 3 local primary school buildings, funded the local middle schools to set up libraries and computer rooms, carried out the training program “Knowledge Impartment: Strategy and Practice” for 30 teachers. These activities effectively improved the levels of both soft and hard ware for local education.

      Nexen continued to provide charitable donations and voluntary services to the Canadian Anti Domestic Violence Association, YWCA Children Care Center, Safe Haven in Calgary, Shelter Association and Food Relief Center. It actively encouraged women to study science and engineering, invited 15 female students from 11 schools to visit the Company and invited 40 female employees to introduce their own experiences. Nexen actively participated in the “Sisters’ Soup” initiative proposed by local charities. 150 volunteers boiled 900 bowls of soup for women, youth and children in the rescue center. This is the sixth time that Nexen participated in the charity event.

  • Voluntary Services
    • CNOOC constantly advocates and promotes voluntary services. In 2017, CNOOC proactively expanded the scope of voluntary services through the Company’s Labor Union, the Youth League Committee and women’s organizations, supported the passion of the staff and extended the corporate social responsibility to better serve the society.

      “Blue Force”, CNOOC’s young volunteer action, aims at carrying out various public welfare activities such as marine knowledge popularization and marine environmental protection, voluntary aid teaching, community services, social assistance for the old, the disabled and the weak. Hundreds of young volunteer teams and tens of thousands of young volunteers have been involved in building a bridge between young employees and enterprises as well as between enterprises and society.

      CNOOC innovated voluntary service means as adopting project management model to more widely support young employees’ passion for welfare services. The Company selected 14 projects to subsidize. Relying on volunteer service teams, the Company implemented welfare projects such as “Visiting CNOOC”, “Voluntary Aid Teaching for Children of Migrant Rural Workers”, “Protection of Cultivated land and Renewable Resources”, “Agrochemical Services down to the Countryside”, “Caring for Empty Nesters”, etc. and fully stimulated young employees to serve the Company and the society.

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