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Corporate Citizenship

The development of a company requires strong support from the whole society, which, in turn, requires active contributions from companies in order to develop. As making full efforts to guarantee energy supplies, enhancing environment protection and creating economic values, CNOOC always focuses on livelihood and complies with its obligations and responsibilities of a corporate citizenship, promoting social progress with its real actions. The company continued to commit to humanitarian engagements and voluntary service, making joint efforts to build the community with an investment of RMB 136.08 million in 2016.

  • Humanitarian Engagement
    • CNOOC actively advocates and adheres to the simultaneous fulfilment of financial, environmental and social responsibilities. CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation is the unified management platform for public welfare programmes, such as charity and environmental protection carried out by CNOOC. We made efforts to fixed-point poverty alleviation, caring for students, special public welfare and other philanthropies.

      CNOOC has made consistent investment in the past 21 years and dedicates to improving living conditions and education environment in poverty areas. CNOOC helps fixed-point poverty alleviation cities and counties in Hainan Province, Gansu Province, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region to carry out accurate poverty alleviation. By the end of 2016, CNOOC has invested poverty alleviation funds of exceeding RMB 150 million and dispatched 24 talents for poverty alleviation accumulatively; it has invested over RMB 270 million to aid the Tibet Autonomous Region and dispatched 12 managers accumulatively.

      CNOOC, by aiding the construction of Hope Schools, funding needy college students and others, reduced the financial pressure on students from impoverished families.

      “CNOOC University Educational Assistance Fund” jointly set by CNOOC and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, has seen operated for 13 years. A total of RMB 40 million has been invested for funding more than 13,000 needy students in 37 universities.

      CNOOC continues to support “Mother Water Cellar” project of China Women’s Development Foundation. In 2016, the “drinking-water safety in the schools”, the “beautiful villages” and “small-size water conservancy” engineering construction of “Mother Water Cellar” project was implemented. In addition, 6 schools in the fixed-point poverty alleviation programme in the Zhuozi County were provided with 6 solar water purification equipment through “dringing-water safety in schools” project to solve the problem of excessive bacteria in school’s water.

      Since 2003, CNOOC has been supporting the “Cataract Patients Supporting Project” of the Lifeline Express and has accumulatively donated nearly RMB 16 million. Two eye centres were constructed under the assistance of the company in Gansu Province and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. They provided services radiating to the cooperative cities and Xiahe County of Gansu Province and Zhuozi County of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of CNOOC fixed-point poverty alleviation programme. The three treatment centres have provided cataract operations to 17,347 poor cataract patients with the reduced operation fee or for free.

      In 2016, CNOOC continued to support “1+1 Legal Volunteer Programme” implemented by China Legal Aid Foundation in the no-lawyer counties in remote and border areas. Therein, the Baoting County of Hainan Province received the key legal assistance.

      CNOOC actively devotes itself into autistic children healing, deaf children rehabilitation, baby food aid in poor regions and other fields. On October 20, 2016, “Hearing Rebuilding Audition Initiation” project held its donation ceremony in China Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Center, CNOOC Public Welfare Fund donated RMB 500,000 to China Disable People Union to subsidize 50 hearing impairment children for artificial cochlea implantation surgeries.

  • Integration into Community
    • We constantly carry out the heart-warming projects to help communities cope with difficulties, improve the local ecological environment, lead cultural constructions in local communities and effectively improve the communities’ living standards, so as to build a better home. CNOOC establishes the periodic communication with community and listens to rationalization proposal of local governments and community residents. In 2016, the company, taking advantage of its resources, was actively participating in marine rescue on the premise of ensuring the operation safety. COSL participated in 22 marine rescue missions, dispatching its ships for 24 times to rescue 17 ships and 33 people.

      CSPC has adopted an active public communication strategy, in addition to the “CSPC Open Day” activity held in the communities for different objects. It has conducted the educational support programmes of “Scholarship for Tomorrow”, “Realizing the Gardeners’ Dream”, “English Corner in the Community” and “Sunshine Classroom”, jointly with functional government departments, schools and other units. Besides, CSPC has proactively conducted the sharing activities of “Traffic Safety Funny Day”, “Defensive Driving Learning Activity”, “Road Safety Patrol Inspection System”,etc. for many times, jointly with Daya Bay government and petrochemical industrial park.

      Adhering to the concept of “respect, mutual trust and winwin”, CNOOC actively involves into local communities. Through a series of long-term and systemic community building activities, such as charitable contributions, voluntary activities and education funding, the company benefits local people. It dedicates to leading local economic development by project investment and provides job opportunities and economic benefits for the countries or regions where its projects are located, profoundly influencing the livelihood of local people.

      The community relationship team of CNOOC Uganda actively shares information with the communities through daily communication, regular visits, special communication meetings, partnership activity, regular meeting of consulting committee and other means to actively respond to the opinions, complaints and suggestions from the community and practically promote the community relationship management. In accordance to the requirements in environmental and social influence report, CNOOC Uganda organized and conducted the popular environmental and social influence reduction projects such as traffic safety campaign, AIDS and infectious diseases prevention publicity, sapling planting and distribution. We set up CNOOC Performance Scholarship which has benefited over 300 students. CNOOC also sponsored CNOOC Amasaza football competitions for successive five years, which successfully promoted the local sports development and talent cultivation.

      CNOOC Southeast Asia built roads for the villages around the operations sites to protect fish ponds and offshore passages near the platforms to provide convenient resting places for the fishers; it also sponsored 3 village primary and middle schools to complete their remolding and decoration; conducted 3 terms of training on 90 education workers in 10 villages to improve education quality; provided skill trainings including cake bakery, marine and cultural cultivation for the local fishers and housewives to help the local residents make full use of the local resources and increase income through product additional value increasing; donated medical facilities and conducted training on related staff for the hospital around the operations to improve medical service quality and provided free medical services to the villages; built toilets and public sanitation facilities and etc.

      Nexen continues to provide charitable donations and voluntary services to Canadian “Anti-Domestic Violence Association”, “YWCA Childcare Center”, Calgary Hedge Center, Asylum Association and Food Relief Office. Nexen also donated USD 65,000 to the communities for community bus, and USD 250,000 to Canada Western Summer Games. Nexen has continued to donate to the Bill Woodward School near the Long Lake Project to expand school buildings and establish scholarship. Nexen donated USD 300,000 in total to the School of Business of University of British Columbia, to train local economy & management talents; Nexen donated USD 600,000 to support the project of “Adopt-a-room Program”, which has benefitted 450 people till now.

  • Voluntary Services
    • CNOOC consistently advocates and promotes voluntary services. In 2016, the company actively engaged in various voluntary service activities through Labor Union, Youth League Committee and Women’s Organization. It has utilized various forms to help social disadvantaged groups, popularize maritime knowledge and provide caring services. Aimed at promoting environmental protection and public welfare projects for scientific and development and protection of oceans, hundreds of “Blue Force” young volunteer service teams and thousands of young volunteers took part in the CNOOC “Blue Force”, which has built the communication bridge between young staff and enterprise and between the enterprise and society.

      With the goal of establishing harmonious family, mining area and the company, CNOOC encourages the employees to actively participate in the voluntary services and public charity activities. It carried out activities, such as cleaning the beach, campaign of environmental protection, planting of corals, closing to Blue Force, supporting education, voluntary supporting agriculture, charity sales and community services, etc. CNOOC, together with the medium and largescale institutions and social media, has launched projects of large-scale survey on maritime consciousness of the Chinese youth along with the youth micro-public welfare action of “Blue Force, Love Marine”, so as to promote the conservation of marine environment. Since 2015, “Blue Force” volunteer service teams have been financed by CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation and have carried out all kinds of micro public welfare activities more extensively.

      In 2016, CNOOC “Blue Force” continued to adhere to the strategy of “serving enterprises and contributing to the society” and drove the voluntary service to standardization, normalization and branding. It innovated the means of voluntary service and developed “Blue Force” youth voluntary service APP and built the “Internet+” public welfare model. In 2016, CNOOC “Blue Force” was selected in the Top Ten Voluntary Service Brands of Central Enterprises.

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