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Corporate Citizenship

The development of the company benefits from the society and therefore, the company should return to the society. At home and aboard, we consciously shoulder the responsibility as a corporate citizen and pursue the harmonious relationship between the company and society. In 2015, CNOOC contributed RMB 169.64 million to the public welfare.

  • Humanitarian Engagement
    • The CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Foundation is the platform of CNOOC to carry out public charity programs, including poverty alleviation, education aid and other activities.

      Over the past twenty years, CNOOC followed the principle of establishing a long-term poverty alleviation mechanism and put into enormous efforts in improving living conditions and education in targeted cities and counties in Hainan, Gansu, the Inner Mongolia and Tibet. The company implemented a number of projects to help the locals get rid of poverty and realize economic development. By the end of 2015, the contribution to poverty alleviation exceeded RMB 130 million, the contribution to Tibet exceeded RMB 260 million, and 10 officials severed or are serving in Tibet.

      CNOOC built Hope Schools in poor areas to improve the primary education for local students and subsidized college students from financially difficult families to relieve their economic pressure. Over the past 12 years, the foundation established by CNOOC and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation provided RMB 38 million to over 12,000 person times in 37 universities and colleges.

      CNOOC continues to support the “Water Cellars” project initiated by the China Women’s Development Foundation. In 2015, the company contributed RMB 2 million to 3 subprojects on water usage in villages and school campuses.

      The urban-rural drinking water project in Pengyang Country, Gansu went on steadily, which would provide safe drinking water for Pengyang County, Honghe Zone and Ruhe Zone. In 2015, the major pipeline construction was completed, including construction of 31.2-kilometer pipelines and the civil engineering of Wulishan water treatment plant.

      Since 2003, CNOOC has supported the “Lifeline Express” project and the total investment reached RMB 14.82 million. For its 12-year contribution, the company received the Bright Recognition Award from the Chinese Foundation for Lifeline Express. In 2015, the company donated RMB 1 million to the First Hospital of Longxi County of Dingxi City of Gansu Province to establish a Cataract treatment center equipped with Ophthalmic equipment, the third Cataract treatment center donated, and trained professional physicians. CNOOC also donated an Ophthalmic Microsurgery Training Center in the Hainan General Hospital to serve the local people.

  • Voluntary Services
    • CNOOC consistently advocates and promotes voluntary services. In 2015, CNOOC actively engaged in voluntary service activities through Labor Union, Youth League Committee and Women’s Organization to help social disadvantaged groups, popularize maritime knowledge and provide caring services. In 2015, the company organized over 2,000 volunteer activities, attracting 20,000 young employees’ participation.

      With “Blue Love” as the unified logo of CNOOC youth voluntary activities whose mission is to serve the company and to contribute to the society, the company created a voluntary fashion among the young.

      In 2015, CNOOC “Blue Love” youth volunteer service team worked in both the coastal and inland areas across China, wherever CNOOC conducts operation. On Arbor Day, World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, the young volunteers cleaned the beaches, planted mangroves and corals and popularized ocean knowledges to beautify China seas.

      The CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection sponsored 17 selected maritime commonwealth programs in the year. In 2015, CNOOC received the award of “Top Ten Green Initiative of Chinese Companies” awarded by Global Compact, the Bronze Medal of 2nd China Youth Volunteers Service Competition granted by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the “Best Responsibility Management Innovation Award” at the press conference of “Youth Attitude • Evaluation of Social Responsibility of Large Companies” held by the China Youth Daily and the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

  • Community Building
    • CNOOC actively makes efforts to share its resources with local communities, participates in community building and pays back with its development.

      CNOOC continued to promote the “Warm Heart” Project which aims to help communities cope with difficulties in life, improve the local ecological and cultural environment, and improve the community living standards. The company set up a regular communication mechanism with local communities and listened to suggestions from local governments and communities. Besides, the company actively participated in maritime rescues. In 2015, COSL took part in 16 recues, dispatching 16 vessels help 14 ships and 58 persons.

      CNOOC endeavored to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration with local communities. At Daya Bay, CNOOC and Shell donated books to primary schools and junior high schools at the beginning of every semester. In Datong, Shanxi, the Datong SNG Project team attached high importance to heritage protection, adjusting plant sites to avoid conflicting with 3 immovable cultural heritage sites. In 2015, the project team spent RMB 4.647 million in the exploration, identification and rescue excavations of heritage sites located in the factory, covering an area of 458 hectares and rescuing 32 ancient tombs in Ming and Qing dynasties through salvage excavation.

      Adhering to the guideline of respect, trust and win-win, CNOOC carried out serious of long-term community building activities, including charitable donations, voluntary activities and education funding. While overseas investments promoted local economic development, the local people enjoyed more job opportunities, economic benefits and improving living standards.

      CNOOC Uganda hired local employees to act as community liaison officers and listened to the community concerns about the company and its contractors and their recommendations for charity activities. The community liaison officers communicated with the residents to ensure their right to know, to participate in and to benefit from petroleum activities. In 2015, CNOOC Uganda completed the construction of a cross-cliff road with an elevation difference of 400 meters, which connects the region with the outside road system for the first time.

      CNOOC Southeast Asia funded Sebir and Kongsi Island to repair two mosques. It provided diving training for about 40 person times, thus helping the laid-offs to find new jobs and trained local fishermen and housewives with maritime product processing skills. It built public health facilities for neighboring communities, including public toilets, and provided free medical services in rural areas.

      Nexen continued to offer donations and voluntary services to Canadian “Anti-Domestic Violence Association”, “YWCA Childcare Center”, Calgary Hedge Center, Asylum Association and Food Relief Office. It donated USD 65,000 to the communities for purchasing bus, and USD 250,000 to Canada Western Summer Games. Nexen continued to donate to the Bill Woodward School near the Long Lake Project to expand school buildings and establish scholarship. Accumulatively, Nexen donated USD 300,000 to the School of Business of the University of British Columbia to train local economy & management talents. Up to now, Nexen donated USD 600,000 to support the project of “Adopt-a-room Program” which has benefitted 450 people.

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