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Jobs and Careers

CNOOC firmly believes that employees are the most valuable resource for its sustainable development and upholds the “people-oriented and caring for employees” concept. The Company fulfills its responsibilities to employees, respects their legal rights and interests, improves their professional development, improves their working environment, cares for their physical and mental health, and promotes the integration of local and foreign employees, so as to realize common development in the company and its employees.

Employee Salary and Benefits

The company adheres to the principle of “gender equality and equal pay for equal work”, and treats the staffs equally without discrimination in terms of recruitment, training, promotion and salary, regardless of race, nationality, faith, gender, age, marital status and special legal protection.

CNOOC strictly complies with the applicable laws and policies of the jurisdictions where it operates, and on basis of the principles of market labour management, monetization of allocations and socialization of benefits, gradually establishes a distribution system which matches the market mechanism and is closely connected to value contribution, and forms a standardized and competitive salary and benefits framework.

The company establishes a comprehensively effective employee welfare system, and constantly increases the multiple layers, dimensions and comprehensiveness of employee insurance framework.

Besides social basic insurance (endowment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance), the company also provides supplemented insurance (personal accident insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance, and juvenile children supplementary medical insurance) and occupational pension and housing allowance.

CNOOC also provides physical examination, special physical examination for special types of work, paid leave, difficulty assistance, emergency relief, critical illness relief and various other benefits as part of our efforts to help them solve any worries that employees may have.

By the end of 2016, the workforce reached 106,000.

Career Development

CNOOC complies with a scientific talent strategy, treats its employees as its wealth, and strives to create a fair and open promotion environment and clear career development paths. CNOOC has designed three career development accesses: management, technology and work, besides establishing a training system of “four in one” with respect to selection, training, assessment and promotion & qualification authentication.

CNOOC adheres to the overall idea of “controlling total amount, adjusting structure and improving qualification”, steadily makes the human resource planning in the 13th “Five-Year Plan” period, constructs a dynamic human resource management system, and forms human resources policies and systems of strategic planning, leadership management, talent development, employment and compensation performance. CNOOC realizes full coverage of e-HR system which increases the working efficiency. CNOOC standardizes the recruiting and management of employees, strictly controls recruiting quantity and quality, builds a worker transfer platform for employees, and promotes reposition and settlement and connection of supply and demand for employees in the reorganized units, effectively utilizing internal human resources.

CNOOC continuously deepens the reform of the cadre and personnel system. The company founds the head-office talent leadership group and builds head-office party member contact experts system to actively promote the reform of talent utilization and assessment guarantee mechanism. It increases its efforts for cadre selection and exchanges, pays attention to training of young cadres and promotes exchanges between department at headquarters and frontline cadres. CNOOC makes full use of multiple opportunities of rotation and exchange, front line training, local secondment and aiding constructions in areas under harsh conditions, which select young managers to practice and work under harsh conditions and undertake urgent, hard, dangerous and major tasks and work at the frontline. The company enhances the level of competitive selection and strengthens inspecting and examination; CNOOC also enhances efforts to train, select, exchange, supervise, control cadres and hold those in charge accountable, improves the selection and appointment quality of managers and maintains the purity and capabilities of leading cadres.

Professional Expertise

The company actively participates in the selection of national high-end talents. In 2016, as many as 19 individual candidates were recommended for special government allowance, 4 individual candidates for national technical experts, 3 candidates for participating in Central Enterprise Outstanding Young Talents Support Plan, 2 candidates for Chinese Skills Award, and one was selected as a scientific and technological innovation leading talent for “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”. It selected technical and skillful experts, as well as 38 people as the third batch of Headquarters technical experts, and 17 people as the third batch of skillful experts in the affiliated units of the Head Office.

The company continues to promote the scientific and technological young talents cultivation project and provide dual tutors to the first batch of 136 young talents. It organized two periods of trainings for them and held five professional young talent forums of exploration, development, drilling and well completion, offshore engineering, refinery & petrochemical and gas power to provide the opportunity for the young talents to communicate with the high level experts and rapidly develop them to be professional technical leaders and medium- and high-end technical management talents, so as to realize the strategic succession of talents in the company.

The company reinforces management on occupational qualification. We improve the certification policies of internal occupational qualification, perfect occupational qualification management system, and strictly implement company’s Management Rules of Professional Technical Qualification as well as 6 supporting detailed rules, constantly improving talent evaluation level. In 2016, 646 individuals were qualified for the positions of senior technical professional. In terms of exploration, borehole and drilling and completion operation, 25, 62, 7, 9 and 439 individuals were qualified for senior general supervisor and general supervisor, senior project manager or above level, senior project manager and project manager and below level positions, respectively.

The company effectively promotes skill appraisal. We have organized the development or revision of test libraries on 12 types of work, laying a solid foundation for training and appraising skilled employees. In the meanwhile, appraisals of junior, semi-senior, senior, technician and senior technician levels were organized for 70 types of work, with the number of appraisals totalling 8,490 person times.

The company attaches great importance to the cultivation and selection of high-skilled talent by holding technician innovation training class and organizing skills and innovation exchanges. We actively participated in national and industrial skill competition with the outstanding achievements. Therein, four individuals, including Chen Keying from CNOOC Ltd., Zhanjiang branch, were awarded the title of national technical experts. Moreover, the competitors dispatched by the Company were awarded No.1 individual for two items, No.2 and No.3 individual for one item and second group prize in 2016 (the 4th) “Jiake Cup” International Welding Skills Competition.

Employee Training

CNOOC actively promotes the learning organization constructions, and encourages employees to set up the concept of lifelong learning. CNOOC improves the talent training system at different levels and stages, broadens training plan and enlarges training investment systematically, creating a platform for capability building and potential development of employees. CNOOC training focuses on long term training and highlights short term efficiency at the same time. CNOOC adheres to the principle of “up for strategy and down for performance” and continues to conduct long-term cultivation on key groups.

CNOOC continues to implement Key Training Plan. For the semi-senior and senior management talents, through subdivision of professional talents, CNOOC carries out targeted training in rotation; for mid-age and young management talents, CNOOC carries out off-job training for three months, so as to train young management teams who are capable of shouldering important tasks; for high-level technological experts, CNOOC comprehensively arranges professional and technological training sessions in exploration, development and production and well drilling; CNOOC also holds Young Scientific Talent Training Session to train technological management talents in fields of deepwater, unconventional and reservoir geophysics, seismic data processing, production technologies, high-temperature and high-pressure gas fields and intactness of equipment and facilities, and improves their core professional technological capabilities and scientific research innovation capabilities; for high-level skill talents, CNOOC holds Comprehensive Capabilities Improvement Session of Mid-aged and Young Technicians to improve on-site management skills, innovation capabilities and capabilities of “apprentice follow master”.

In 2016, the company carried out 46,522 training courses, with 822,900 person-time, 8,215,376 hours of training and on average 86 hours per person, in which the international talent training was carried out for 14,556 hours per person.

Supported by a training course system with various classifications, grades and systems, for its employees, CNOOC formulates Individual Development Plan (IDP), analyzes comprehensive and professional training needs of employees and specifically implements it in the individual performance evaluation system and training system, so as to ensure that professional level and overall capabilities are increasing steadily.

CNOOC implements knowledge management project to accelerate the knowledge sedimentation and inheritance. The company built and improved training equipment and facilities and the knowledge management system and training resources management system including internal and external teachers and courses system to realize knowledge accumulation, experience inheritance and resources sharing. It initiated featured courses development and internal tutor training project, collected courses and outstanding tutors in multiple ways based on “CNOOC Great Courses and CNOOC Great Teachers” competitions which rated 40 wide, influential and CNOOC featured courses and trained a professional and experienced internal teachers; CNOOC also explored the way for professional talent training, built professional course systems and successively promoted the professional training system construction in leadership, purchasing and drilling and completion which has achieved great training result.

CNOOC broadens the channels of informatization training for employees and introduces various models, including “Internet+”. The company actively promotes the construction of “online+offline” “mobile+PC” mixed training models and Constructed E-learning platform. It completed the type selection of the online study platform and conducted trial run in pilot units.

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