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Jobs and Careers

CNOOC regards employees as the most valuable resource for its sustainable development and upholds the “people-oriented” concept in fulfilling its responsibility to employees. The company respects their legal rights and interests, improves their career development and working environment, cares for their physical and mental health, and promotes diversity and localization in operation areas, so as to realize joint development of the company and its employees.

Employee Salary and Benefits

CNOOC strictly complies with related laws and policies wherever it operates, and on the principles of marketization of labor, monetization of allocations and socialization of benefits, it establishes a competitive salary and benefits system in line with the market mechanism and work value. The system priorities core businesses and key employees and allows for employment and income flexibility. The company insists on gender equality and equal pay for equal work, and equally treats its employees who are of different races, nationalities, religions, sexes, ages, marital statuses and who are subject to special legal protection. While implementing a standard corporate annuity scheme, the company adopts a comprehensive and effective employee insurance system. The system not only covers the five basic social securities of pension, medical, work-injury, unemployment and maternity, but also included life accident insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance and supplementary medical insurance for minor children as well as corporate annuities and housing allowances. The company also provides physical examination, special physical examination for special types of work, paid leave, difficulty relief, emergency relief, critical illness relief and various other benefits to address employee concerns. By the end of 2015, the number of workforce reached 110,200.

Career Development

CNOOC implements a scientific talent strategy, treats its employees as its wealth, and strives to create a fair and open promotion environment and clear career development paths. The company designs management, technological and technical positions to construct a personnel development path which integrates selection, training, assessment, promotion and certification examination into one.

Adhering to the overall idea of “controlling total amount, adjusting structure and improving qualification”, the company makes the human resource planning in the 13th Five-Year Plan period and aims to build a dynamic human resource management system. It forms human resources strategic planning that covers leadership management, talent development, employment and compensation performance. An eHR system has been adopted to improve working efficiency. The company standardizes recruiting and management of employees and strictly controls recruiting number and quality. To effectively utilize internal human resources, the company builds a worker transfer platform for employees and promotes repositions in restructured affiliates.

CNOOC continuously deepens the reform of cadre and personnel system. It releases six institutions, including Management Measures of Leadership Team of Senior Managers and Management Measures of Senior Managers, and selects and appoints employees accordingly. The company increases its efforts in cadre selection and exchanges, enhances training of young cadres and promotes personnel exchanges between department at headquarters and grassroots. The company utilizes personnel rotation and exchange, front-line training, local secondment and aiding constructions in areas under harsh conditions, to cultivate competitive young managers in challenging positons at the front line. To maintain the accountability of leading cadres, the company enhances efforts in cadre training, selection, exchange and supervision. To build a management talent pool, the company selects 40 outstanding young managers to attend the 7th Mid-Aged and Young Managers Training Session of CNOOC. It also enhances efforts to cultivate internationalized talents and reappoints and rotates 24 expatriate employees.

Professional Expertise

CNOOC implements a young R&D talents training project to strengthen the training of young technological managers. The first batch of 136 young employees are selected for a three-year training plan which aims to cultivate a sustainable team of technological pioneers and middle and high level technological managers.

CNOOC technological personnel actively participate in national-level R&D talent selection and recommendation, including Baiqianwan Talents Program, China Youth Science and Technology Award and Creative Talent Promotion Plan. In 2015, 6 individuals, 2 teams and 17 expert judges were recommended at a national level, and among them, 1 received the membership of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 were included into the Baiqianwan Talents Program, 1 was selected into Thousand Talents Program, and 17 were selected into national-level or industry-level judge expert bases. The company launched the selection of the first batch of senior group-level technological experts and conducted the second term performance assessment of 39 experts in affiliates.

To enhance the professional qualification system, CNOOC consistently enhances internal professional qualification certification, title management and talent evaluation. In 2015, 47 employees were granted professor-level technological qualifications, 495 were granted senior technological qualifications and over 2,000 were granted intermediate technological qualifications. 3 employees were granted senior superintendent qualifications in exploration, borehole and well drilling operation, and 97 were granted superintendent qualifications. 9 were granted senior project manager qualifications or above, 45 were granted project manager qualifications, and 308 were granted professional project engineer qualifications.

Besides, CNOOC vigorously promotes technical qualification assessment and increases the proportion of technical talents. The company has released 2015 CNOOC Job Directory, and standardized the management of technical positions. It has developed standards of 3 work categories and test libraries of14 categories as the foundation for training and evaluation of frontline technical employees. It has organized appraisals of junior, semi-senior, senior, technician and senior technician levels of 59 categories, which cover 9,103 person times. By the end of 2015, CNOOC has developed professional standards for 96 categories, the evaluation libraries for 93 categories and the training textbooks for 21 categories. It has trained over 5,000 evaluators and quality supervisors, made evaluations for 51,600 person times, among which 4,860 employees have gained the junior professional qualifications, 6,457 gained medium professional qualifications, 9,860 gained senior professional qualifications, 1,250 gained technician professional qualifications and 284 gained senior technician professional qualifications. The proportion of technicians and senior technicians accounted for 5.4% of the major technical workforce, surpassing the objective set in the 12th Five-Year Plan period. In 2015, 240 mid-age and young technicians were trained and 54 employees were organized to participate in high-end talent exchanges.

Employee Training

CNOOC actively promotes the learning culture in the corporate and encourages employees to implement the concept of lifelong learnings. The company improves the talent training system at different levels and stages, broadens training thinking and enlarges training investment in a planned way, creating a platform for capability building and potential development of employees. In 2015, the company developed and released CNOOC Training Development Plan 2015-2020, laying a good foundation for talent development. The training both focuses on the long-term training and the short-term progress. Adhering to the principle of “integrating training strategy and employee performance”, the company consistently trains key talents in a long term way.

For the semi-senior and senior management talents, through subdivision of professional talents, the company carries out targeted training in rotation; for mid-age and young management talents, the company carries out off-job training for three months, so as to train a young management team who are capable of shouldering important tasks; for high-level technological experts, the company comprehensively arranges professional and technological training sessions in exploration, development and production and well drilling. The company also holds the young R&D training session to train technological and technical management talents in fields of deep-water, unconventional and reservoir geophysics, seismic data processing, production technologies, high-temperature and high-pressure gas fields and intactness of equipment and facilities, and improves their core professional technological capabilities and scientific research innovation capabilities. For high-level technical talents, the company holds the comprehensive capabilities improvement session of mid-aged and young technicians to improve on-site management skills, innovation capabilities and master-to-apprentice transferring.

In 2015, 61 key training programs and systematic construction projects were implemented. The company trained 997,000 person times for a total of 7,230,000 hours, 81.3 hours per person, 4,221 person times and 707 days, of which 6 sessions were overseas training programs with 123 person times.

Supported by a training course system with well-developed classifications and grades, CNOOC formulates Individual Development Plan (IDP), analyzes comprehensive and professional training needs of employees and specifically implements it in the individual performance appraisal system and training system, so as to ensure that professional level and overall capabilities are increased steadily. The company focuses on the domestic transformation of overseas training achievements and launches eight domestic transformation sessions of special overseas training, of which the overseas operation cost management training session play a sound role in saving operational costs.

CNOOC broadens the channels of informatization training for employees and introduces various modes, including “Internet+”. The company actively encourages employees to make online studies through online platforms of Employee E-book Library, Corporate Network Video Platform, XuetangX and Study China. Meanwhile, relying on the technological support and platform support of workercn.cn of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, employees and their families can browse and read 1,000 electronic journals, 500 industry newspapers, 100,000 e-books anywhere at any time via the Internet. The company develops online courses, promotes online learning and reduces training costs. The person times participating in 10 safety training courses at the Online University exceeds 50,000.


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