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CNOOC attaches great importance to employees’ physical and mental health, commits itself to creating safety production environment for its employees through scientific management and efficient methods, and devotes to providing the society with higher quality products and marketing services in safe, efficient and environment-friendly manners, so as to contribute its values to realize sustainable development of the society and environment.

Quality Management

In the control of quality, CNOOC adheres to the directives of “people-oriented, safety first, honest and law-abiding, reinforcing foundation, innovation-driven and winning with quality”. It pursues the quality objectives of “excellence and leading to satisfy clients”, and implements the general requirements of “emphasizing basis, ensuring safety, stressing quality and increasing benefits”, so as to fully establish a quality management system and culture, build quality management information system, issue and practice CNOOC 13th “Five-Year Quality Plan” and continuously upgrade quality management level. CNOOC obtains complete certifications for its products and services, conducts strict quality supervision and control and constantly improves the quality of its products and services, establishing a good reputation in the international market.

CNOOC identifies quality risks and clearly recognizes quality priorities. In 2016, the company held quality management meeting and two terms of lab management trainings to conduct benchmarking research and form comparison analysis report for implementation.

CNOOC implements special quality examination and improves product quality. CNOOC conducted special audition and approval on 6 labs, conducted “whole coverage, whole process, identical-standard” special quality audition and approval on 44 service stations in Hunan Province, self-checked 480 service stations, 58 oil depots, 27 transportation teams and discovered 1,534 issues, and formulated and implemented the rectification plans.

CNOOC has carried out quality management activities and won various national awards. In 2016, the achievements of the company emerged one after another in various quality activities, and three important national awards were gained. The “Hai Yang Shi You 981” drilling platform of the Drilling Department of COSL won the second “China Quality Award”, becoming the only winning unit in frontline teams. COOEC and Zhuhai LNG Terminal of CNOOC Gas & Power Group won the “Advanced Enterprise with Excellent Performance Model for State Implementation” from China Quality Association, and the Oilfield Chemical Department of COSL won the “Quality Benchmarking Enterprise” from the National Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries Association.

CNOOC promotes the activities of quality management groups to strengthen the quality culture constructions. In 2016, CNOOC continued to promote quality theme activities of “QC Group” to highlight its achievements of quality culture constructions. 7 QC quality groups won the National Excellent QC Team awards and 259 primary QC groups won Industrial QC Group awards.

CNOOC also launches “Quality Month” activity and promotes “Spirit of Craftsmanship”. The Company strengthens quality advertisement and creates atmosphere for pursuing quality, it intensifies quality risk control and formulate counter measures and carries out supervision spot checks and key product quality special movement to guarantee the product quality. It also implements QC group activities, technical competitions and so on to strengthen the quality awareness of all staff, focuses on cultivating “Spirit of Craftsmanship” and strengthening quality training to improve the professional quality and competence of staff.

CNOOC solidifies construction of brand management system and devotes to building an internationally renowned brand. By refining the core values of “CNOOC” brand and revising the Company image brochure, the company comprehensively unifies both brand cultural connotation and image, and improves the world’s recognition on “CNOOC” brand. “CNOOC 36-1” asphalt, “Haijiang” lubricant, “Awode” painting, “Yuandu” salty products and “Lishen” batteries, as well as “Fudao”, “Tianye” and “Sakefu” fertilizers have been recognized by the society. China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) becomes an international renowned brand.

CNOOC endeavors to launch quality management training to strengthen quality management consciousness. Through quality management training with various forms, rich content and clear classification, the company not only enhances employees’ awareness of quality management, but also improves suppliers’ and contractors’ awareness of quality management, so as to increase their quality management level.

Occupational Health

Adhering to the core QHSE philosophy of “people-oriented”, CNOOC always puts the safety and wellbeing of its employees at the forefront. We unremittingly strengthen the occupational health management, actively improve the operation environment, focus on the identification, analysis and control of occupational disease hazard factors in workplaces and popularize occupational health promotion activities, so as to ensure the safety and health of the employees in an all-around way.

CNOOC focuses on the physical and mental health and promotes health of its employees. Through “Health Embraces CNOOC” health management system for all its employees, the Company calls on all employees to participate in walking and body building activities. It also launches basic mental health information services, and continues to expand the stress management and mental health services to the offshore employees at departments of headquarters and institutes. In China waters, CNOOC continuously launches stress management services for employees working on its 77 offshore and onshore units to positively release the pressure of employees and effectively contribute to health promotion.

CNOOC has carried out occupational health monitoring and evaluation work, and improved health service quality. In 2016, 44 occupational hazard pre-assessments projects and 54 occupational hazard prevention measures were conducted by CNOOC, meanwhile, the regular inspection of on-site occupational hazard factors realized all-around coverage and the occupational health inspection rate for the staff who contact with occupational hazard factors reached 99.9%.

Operational Safety

CNOOC puts operational safety as the base and lifeline of its sustainable development. Adhering to the core value ideas of “safety first, environment utmost, people-oriented and equipment intact” in environment protection and safety, CNOOC constantly improves its safe production guarantee system, enhances safety control in areas of personnel, production process and emergency response, and builds a company with inherent safety.

Safety Culture

CNOOC advocates code of conduct for field operation, including “Conduct on Safety Signs” and “Five To-dos and Five No-nos”. Through conducting various forms of safety education activities and strengthening safety basis management, CNOOC constantly builds special safety culture and the employees transform the safety culture into their self-awareness and practical behaviors, so as to effectively guarantee the implementation of safety culture and the personal safety of employees.

In 2016, CNOOC improved safety training system construction. CNOOC conducted the whole process supervision from outline, textbook, question bank, training and assessment to certification. It also compiled the test data bank for CNOOC enterprise leaders and safety staff and successively organized 8 terms of trainings and assessment for enterprise leaders and safety staff with 1,986 people trained in total. 10 safety online education courses were developed and about 74,000 people signed up for learning with 87% completion rate. At present, 76 “safety object training classrooms” were put into use and 1,842 terms of trainings were held through the year with 60,000 people completing the training.

In 2016, CNOOC advocated the implementation and deepening of CNOOC Safety Marking Behaviors Guide and extended to the primary levels. CNOOC conducted “Three-Ones” activity and promoted the implementation of safety marking behaviors for leaders, organizations and staff through “One Behavior Suggestion”, “One Time Supervision and Inspection” and “One-Week Behavior Monitoring”.

In 2016, CNOOC held the essay contest of “Safety Management in Frontlines” to summarize and refine the frontline safety management experience and promote and advocate effective safety management measures. 172 essays were received and 61 of them were published on the China Offshore Oil Press. CNOOC also organized “Safety Production Month” activity. During the activity, the subsidiaries held 2,884 safety production-themed seminars and 72 online interviews, 56 forums, and released 638 comments and experiencing articles. They conducted 174 special editions and columns for publicity, released 51,936 publicity materials, set up 2,630 panels and placards, and accepted 1,727 people for consulting. They held 78 speech contests and made 241 cultural works and 2,017 pictures, and held 1,281 training lectures, 281 competitions, 81 exhibitions and 3 art shows. In addition, it organized 539 inspection teams to deepen the safety inspection in 1,027 frontline units.

CNOOC actively leads the safety management of the cooperation partners. CNOOC and partners jointly organize safety day themed activities and improve the safety awareness of the staff and promotes safety management through safety education video, accident case sharing, team games, individual safety commitment and so on, to increase the safety awareness and promote safety management.

Work Safety

CNOOC always implements the principle of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management” and constantly strengths safety management system construction, intensifies key preventions and controls and works hard to create first-class safety production management to provide a safer working environment for its employees and contractors.

In 2016, CNOOC continued to strengthen the QHSE system, adhered to systemic management model and upgraded the whole version of QHSE internal control system. CNOOC modified 45 regulation documents and abolished 8 regulation documents. It transformed 10 documents including overseas project HSE management plan, public health event management and accident management into the QHSE internal control regulations, and issued 6 management requirements including maintenance, start up and shut down, gas and service stations and dangerous chemicals tank.

CNOOC strengthens safety supervision measures to effectively prevent major accidents from happening. CNOOC conducted the risk level control and management for overseas production facilities and downstream enterprises, promoted the construction of downstream enterprise risk level control and management system, and built comprehensive risk monitoring indexes including well control monitoring, project construction major operation risk supervision and control and etc, and strengthened frontline safety management, pushed to build the post responsibility list, improved onsite tour check system and upgraded the on-site safety protection guarantee ability. And it also tackled on the hazards modification of oil and gas transportation pipelines, continued to promote the rectification of pipeline hazards and guaranteed to uncontrollable risk or leakage in different stages for the whole life cycle, continued to focus on the key spots, critical links and high-risk points for dangerous chemicals safety management and promoted the high risk link safety management like dangerous chemical storage tank, special operation and maintenance.

CNOOC arranges the annual audition and inspection to promote QHSE management. CNOOC organized to audit the HSE management system of 8 units, conducted the special auditions on quality, self-owned railways, diving contractors and others, completed 6 whole-system safety check like CNOOC safety production special supervision, organized special inspection on the QHSE risk of 6 specified units, and organized 885 units involving with on-site operation to complete self-inspection with information system to urge the implementation of rectification.

Cored with strengthening safety production system construction, CNOOC grasps the key points of overseas key and new projects and concerns about the major changes and potential risks in the process of different overseas operations to provide effective and timely risk pre-judgment and technical support for the overseas units to guarantee the overseas projects to realize “intrinsic safety”.

In 2016, CNOOC further promoted its subsidiaries to build and improve the HSE management plan by regular tracking of overseas project HSE risk and progress. CNOOC organized the HSE audition of head office of Nexen in Calgary Canada and Long Lake oil sands facilities, conducted safety audition on the CNOOC Southeast Asia SES Oilfield extending project facility evaluation, and conducted pre-production safety inspection on QHSE management in Iraqi Missan Oilfield and new project. It also paid high attention to the overseas security and strengthened the business communication with international security and emergency rescue forces, which effectively promoted the construction of overseas security information collection and pre-warning mechanism.

Emergency Management

Based on hazard identification and risk analysis, CNOOC constantly improves the management system constructions, integrates emergency management information system, develop emergency management APP, improves ICS system construction and intensifies emergency training and drills to increase its systemic risk prevention capability and minimize the impact of emergencies.

In 2016, CNOOC strengthened the construction of emergency maintenance bases and teams, promoted the Phase I Project of the South China Sea Base, the Phase II of Tanggu sea pipeline maintenance center and Fujian pipeline maintenance center for COOEC to be included into national plan. CNOOC continued to conduct typhoon pre-warning and emergency disposal, there were 25 typhoons in northwest Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, among which 13 typhoons influenced the regular production and operation. To avoid influence of typhoon, CNOOC timely activated emergency plan and applied 779 helicopters, 62 ships and 16,732 safety operation staff which successfully prevent any casualties.

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