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CNOOC attaches great importance to employees’ physical and mental health, commits itself to creating safe production environment for its employees through scientific management and efficient methods, and devotes to providing society with higher quality products and marketing services in safe, efficient and environment-friendly manners, so as to contribute its values to achieve sustainable development of society and environment.

Quality Management

CNOOC adheres to the directives of “People-oriented, Safety First, Honest and Law-abiding, Reinforcing Foundation, Innovation-driven and Winning with Quality”, pursues the quality management objectives of “satisfy clients by excellent and leading operation”, implements the national strategy of “building a powerful country by high quality development”, carries out the quality improvement actions in an all-round way, identifies quality risks comprehensively, improves the quality management system, cultivates the quality culture and continuously improves product, engineering and service quality.

CNOOC identifies quality risk and emphasizes the clarification of quality management priorities. In 2017, the Company held the quality manager meeting, required all subsidiaries to abide with the quality planning in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, reinforce risk management and control for quality improvement as well as the quality management of key products, further normalize the management of testing institutions such as laboratories, establish the quality accidents management system and implement in-depth quality management.

CNOOC implements special quality examination to improve product and service quality. In 2017, the Company conducted quality audit in CNOOC BlueChemical Hainan Base, covering 11 departments and management offices and the whole process of production and process, with 37 problems discovered and rectified. The Company also strengthened quality supervision of key vehicle products of Guangxi Energy Company and Hebei Marketing Company with “Full Coverage, Whole Process and Same Standard”, checking 25 gas stations, 1 oil depot and 1 transport fleet. 91 problems were discovered and rectified.

CNOOC carried out quality management activities and won various national awards. In 2017, 8 teams of CNOOC’s Eagle Eye on the “Qinhuangdao 32-6 CEPI” platform were awarded “National Trustworthy Group for Quality”, COOEC and Zhuhai LNG Terminal of CNOOC Gas & Power Group were awarded “National Advanced Enterprise of Implementing Excellent Performance Model”. CNOOC Gas & Power Group won this award for three consecutive years and thus won the “Special Prize for National Advanced Enterprise of Implementing Excellent Performance Model”.

CNOOC promotes the activities of quality management teams to strengthen the construction of quality culture. In 2017, the Company continued to promote theme activities of “QC Team” to highlight its achievements in the construction of quality culture and obtained 369 outstanding QC achievements of the industry, 7 QC Teams won the National Excellent QC Team Awards and the total number of QC teams registered by subsidiaries reached 1,800, with an increase of 39% over last year.

CNOOC carries out “Quality Month” activity to promote “Spirit of Craftsmanship”. The Company actively responded to the requirement of AQSIQ to strengthen advertisement for “Quality Month” on newspapers, exhibition board, new media, posters, etc. About 52,500 employees of subordinate units participated in the activity and there were totally 2,246 departments involved in the launching ceremony. In the very month, 1,830 special inspections were carried out and 4,375 quality problems were solved.

CNOOC consolidates the construction of brand management system and devotes to building an internationally renowned brand. By refining the core values of the brand “CNOOC” and revising the corporate image brochure, the Company unified both cultural connotation and image of “CNOOC” and improved the world’s recognition on “CNOOC”. A series of brands of products such as “CNOOC 36-1” asphalt, “Haijiang” lubricant, “Awode” painting and “Yuandu”salty products as well as “Fudao”, “Tianye” and “Sakefu” fertilizers have been recognized by the society. COSL has become an international renowned brand in the oilfield services industry.

CNOOC endeavors to conduct quality management training and strengthen quality management consciousness. Through quality management training with various forms, rich content and clear classification, the Company not only enhances employees’ consciousness of quality management, but also improves suppliers’ and contractors’ consciousness of qua l i ty management, so as to comprehensively improve the quality management level.

Occupational Health

Adhering to the “People-oriented” philosophy of QHSE, CNOOC always puts the physical and mental health of its employees at the forefront. We unremittingly strengthen the occupational health management, focus on the identification, analysis, evaluation and control of occupational disease hazard factors in workplaces, actively improve the operation environment and popularize occupational health promotion activities, so as to ensure the safety and health of the employees in an all-around way.

CNOOC conducts health promotion activities for its employees. The Company called on all its employees to participate in walking and body building activities by adopting the “Health Embraces CNOOC” all staff health management system. It also launched basic mental health information services, and continues to expand the stress management and mental health services to the offshore employees and those working at departments of headquarters and research institutes. CNOOC built a safe production mental health model for stress management and mental health services, suitable for its production and operation units, through a series of on the spot activities, including lectures given by experts, group interviews, workshops, psychological behavior training and psychological consultation.

CNOOC actively carries out occupational health monitoring and evaluation to improve health service quality. In 2017, the Company conducted 37 occupational disease hazard pre-assessment projects and completed 36 occupational disease prevention facilities. The regular inspection of occupational disease hazard factors in workplace achieved all-around coverage and the occupational health inspection rate for the staff contacting with occupational disease hazard factors reached 99.7%.

Operational Safety

CNOOC puts operational safety as the base and lifeline of its sustainable development. Adhering to QHSE’s core value of “Safety First, Environment Foremost, People-oriented and Equipment Intact”, CNOOC constantly improves its safe production support system, enhances safety management in areas of personnel, production process and emergency response, and strives to build the inherent safety.

Safety Culture

CNOOC always advocates “Safety Standard Behaviors” and on-site operation behavior guidance of “Five Do’s and Five No-nos”. The Company carried out a variety of publicity and educational activities to continuously build the CNOOC-specific safety culture conforming to the core concept of “People-oriented, Execution and Intervention”.

In 2017, CNOOC focused on the construction of leadership in safety. Chairman Yang Hua wrote a letter to all staff, “Your Safe, I Ease”, which was later published by China Offshore Oil Press and got positive feedback. All Group level managers endorsed safety and participated in video recording of Leaders’ Comments on Safety. Chairman Yang Hua gave the first lesson “Safety, Our Responsibility and Our Mission” to the headquarters managers. Other Group level managers gave 9 lessons of safety on occasions of investigation and Party Leadership Group Member’s Reception Day. All subsidiaries positively responded to the lessons and 1,178 senior managers at all levels throughout the Company gave 2,065 lessons in the whole year.

CNOOC set “Be Safe in the Last One CM” as theme of “Safe Production Month” in 2017 and coordinated the relevant activities to fully identify responsibilities of main bodies of safe production. The Company conducted a series of activities. It organized the essay contest of “Be Safe in the Last One CM”, receiving 1,422 essays and selecting the best 60 essays to publish in China Offshore Oil Press; released nearly 200 messages on production safety by the WeChat Public Account of the Company and 253 messages by the Company’s Microblog Account; organized the microvideo competition on security warning, receiving 140 microvideos; organized the Team Safety and Environmental Protection Knowledge and Skills Competition, with more than 5,700 participants from 15 group member units; organized 1,440 debates on “Be Safe in the Last One CM”, with more than 19,750 employees participating in; organized the vote for “Best Slogan for Team Security” on the Company’s Microblog, with a total of more than 139,000 votes.

In 2017, the Company launched the first Selection of Safe Production Advanced Individuals. 99 employees including frontline employees, production managers and safety managers were selected for their dedication to duty, diligent work, good management skills and outstanding performance in the field of safety production.

Safe Production

Based on the QHSE management system, CNOOC constantly intensifies key preventions and controls, works hard to provide safer working environment for its employees and contractors and build the first-class capability of safe production management.

CNOOC intensifies safety supervision measures in key fields. In 2017, the Company carried out comprehensive remediation activities to ensure the safety management of dangerous chemicals, identified and assigned duties to each main body, made it clear for safety risks and major hazards, and reinforced the foundation of safely producing dangerous chemicals. CNOOC also conscientiously carried out the comprehensive electrical fire troubleshooting programs on the basis of comprehensive investigation on the quality of electrical appliances in use, hidden dangers and weaknesses of electrical risk prevention in electrical design and construction for building projects and buildings in use. In addition, the Company carried out special safety hazards investigation and troubleshooting activities for platform drilling and workover machines, emphasizing safety hazards rectification for drilling and workover machines, and organized special investigation to comprehensively enhance the platform drilling and workover machines safety management. The Company actively strengthened maritime management and put the CNOOC Maritime Safety Management Methods into practice, which helped improve the maritime regulation system.

CNOOC continues to improve the safety supervision system and QHSE management. In 2017, the Company published CNOOC QHSE Management Practices, of which 123 articles on management practice comprehensively reflected the basic framework, organization, responsibility scope and development history of the corporate QHSE management. The Company continuously optimized and improved the internal control system of QHSE. 18 rules were added, 6 revised and 9 abolished in order to ensure the compliance and feasibility of the QHSE management system.

CNOOC strengthens the audit and inspection efforts to ensure the implementation of management rules. According to the yearly target “Resolutely Prevent the Occurrence of Major Accidents, Prevent Large Accidents in an All-round Way and Reduce Ordinary Accidents” proposed by the Company’s Safety Committee, the Company takes superior audit and special review as main measures to urge the effective implementation of national and corporate requirements of safety and the corporate QHSE risk prevention and control. In 2017, the Company conducted superior audit on the HSE management system in Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd., CNOOC Ltd. Shenzhen and CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals; reviewed the rectification of 2016 audit findings in Nexen Long Lake project and Calgary office; conducted special review on the quality of oil products and the self-operated railway; completed special audit on high risk contractors in such fields as diving and helicopter; conducted special audit on marine safety management. The Company set up the Leading Group of Safety Inspection and conducted the safety production inspection actions. The Party Leadership Group Members of the Company led 5 inspection activities, the departmental inspection team conducted 25 inspections and all subordinate units conducted 11,203 inspections in total. The Company also received 14 inspections by the safety committee of the State Council and 530 inspections by the relevant local authorities. The safety matters and hidden dangers discovered were timely rectified.

CNOOC continues to strengthen the supervision and management functions of HSE for overseas branches. In 2017, the Company strengthened the overseas leadership in the safety management and made overseas managers themselves example of safety practice to strengthen their execution power; organized the review on the rectification of HSE audit findings in Nexen last year, conducted special audit and joint emergency exercise in Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd. according to the annual plan; and participated in the audit led by COSL on the HSE management in the European Drilling Company (CDE), a wholly owned subsidiary of COSL. These audit activities improved the headquarters’ HSE leadership and supervision, regulation and guiding role for overseas project. The Company also participated in pre-commissioning test and expert audit in early stage of new projects of CNOOC International Company’s Indonesian joint venture project. The Company carried out publicity and training activities to promote safety consciousness of employees, which played a significant role in improving the performance of overseas HSE.

CNOOC pays high attention to the impact of international political and social unrest on overseas operation. Combines with its overseas safety management and good practice in the industry, the Company further clarified its security management requirements for overseas projects, established and improved overseas security management mechanisms and security information collection channels, provided strong support to the security of overseas operation.

Emergency Management

Based on hazard identification and risk analysis, CNOOC constantly improved the emergency management system, gradually developed major accident scenarios construction, explored the way of integrating the ICS system into the existing emergency plans, carried out antiterrorism investigation on risks and hidden dangers in the whole group and put into practice the Rules for Terrorism Prevention in Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities.

CNOOC keeps good performance in Typhoon warning and emergency disposal. In 2017, 27 tropical cyclones were formed in the Northwest of Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, of which 15 cyclones influenced the Company’s regular production and operation. Furthermore, super strong typhoons and double typhoons frequently occurred. To avoid the influence of typhoon, CNOOC timely activated emergency plan and applied 670 helicopters, 78 ships to mobilize 16,440 safety operation staff which successfully prevent any casualties.

CNOOC continuously improve its emergency response capability. In 2017, the Company advanced the construction of the national level sea pipe emergency rescue base of Shenzhen Branch of COOEC, promoted Fujian rush-repair and maintenance center of CNOOC Gas & Power Group and well control center of CNOOC EnerTech to apply for the national emergency rescue bases and strengthen the cooperation with OSRL.

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