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CNOOC attaches great importance to employees’ physical and mental health, commits itself to creating safety production environment for its employees through scientific management and efficient methods, and devotes to providing the society with higher quality products and marketing services in safe, efficient and environment-friendly manners, so as to contribute its values to realize sustainable development of the society and environment.

Quality Management

In the control of quality, CNOOC adheres to the directives of “people oriented, safety first, honest and law-abiding, reinforcing foundation, innovation-driven and winning with quality”. It pursues the quality objectives of “excellence and leading to satisfy clients”, and implements the general requirements of “emphasizing basis, ensuring safety, stressing quality and increasing benefits”, so as to fully establish a quality management system and culture and continuously upgrade quality management level. CNOOC obtains complete certifications for its products and services, conducts strict quality supervision and control and constantly improves the quality of its products and services, establishing a good reputation in the international market.

CNOOC identifies quality risks and clearly recognizes quality priorities. In 2015 at the second Quality Manager Meeting, CNOOC clearly put forward the specific requirements of “adhering to problem orientation, focusing on implementing and solving practical problems, and prioritizing thinking and working on solving practical problems”. CNOOC gives prominence to objectively understand the relations between quality and safety, seriously identify quality risks, set clear objectives and develop quality planning.

CNOOC implements special quality examination and improves product quality. In 2015, CNOOC implemented a full-coverage, whole-process and consistent-standard quality examination on the 52 gas stations of Shandong Branch of CNOOC Marketing Company. From the perspective of quality management, the company conducted in-depth analysis on the whole processes of oil product sales and put forward improvement requirements in regulation formulation, personnel training, sampling and testing, measurement and equipment maintenance. The examination promoted the Marketing Company to enhance quality management of oil products at all links, including oil procurement, transport, storage, sales and testing.

CNOOC has carried out quality management activities and won a number of national awards. In 2015, the innovation achievements of the company emerged one after another in various activities, and two important national awards were gained. The Phase I of Zhuhai LNG Project of CNOOC Gas & Power Group was awarded the honorary title of “Excellence Project Award in 15th China Quality Management Award”; the “Hai Yang Shi You 981” drilling platform was awarded the “2nd China Quality Award” which was the only important quality prize awarded to a frontline grassroots team.

CNOOC promotes the activities of quality control teams to strengthen the quality culture constructions. In 2015, CNOOC continued to promote quality theme activities of “QC team” and received 107 outstanding achievement awards from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) all year around, including 6 national awards, 2 “National Quality Trustworthy Teams” awards, 11 first prizes, 29 second prizes and 68 third prizes awarded by CPCIA, and 17 “Quality Trustworthy Teams”. The number was twice more than that in 2014, and accounted for 35% of the total issued by CPCIA. The quality culture construction has made remarkable progress.

CNOOC launches “Quality Month” Champion to strengthen the quality consciousness among all the employees. The company actively responds to the requirements of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and extensively promotes the “Quality Month” activity through the multimedia of newspapers, panels, new media and posters. A total of 21 secondary units of CNOOC have participated in the activity with 45,000 participants, over 4,000 posters, 11,000 publicity materials and over 800 panels, so the quality consciousness among all its employees has been obviously enhanced.

CNOOC solidifies the brand management system and devotes to building an internationally renowned brand. By summarizing the core values of “CNOOC” brand and revising the company image brochure, the company compiles the brand connotation and image to win the world's recognition. “CNOOC 36-1” asphalt, “Haijiang” lubricant, “Awode” painting, “Yuandu” salty products and “Lishen” batteries, as well as “Fudao”, “Tianye” and “Sakefu” fertilizers have been recognized by the society. China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) is also an international renowned brand.

CNOOC endeavors to strengthen quality management through training in various forms, with rich content and clear classification. The training not only enhances employees’ awareness of quality management, but also improves suppliers’ and contractors’ awareness of quality management, so as to increase their quality management level.

Occupational Health

Adhering to the philosophy of people-oriented, CNOOC always puts the safety and wellbeing of its employees at the forefront. We unremittingly strengthen the occupational health management, actively improve the operation environment, focus on the identification, analysis and control of occupational disease factors in workplaces and promote occupational health activities, so as to ensure the safety and health of the employees in an all-around way.

CNOOC focuses on the physical and mental health and promotes health of its employees. Through “Health Embraces CNOOC” health management system for all its employees, the company calls on all employees to participate in walking activities. It also launches basic mental health information services, and continues to expand stress management and mental health services to employees working offshore, in functional and research offices. The 52 platforms in offshore China continuously conduct stress release services for employees.

CNOOC enhances professional training for HSE management personnel and enhances occupational health management. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of CNOOC General Hospital adopts an integrated professional training of combining “inviting” and “dispatching” to conduct professional training on HSE management personnel, of which 65 people have been dispatched and 49 experts have been invited for training.

CNOOC actively carries out occupational health monitoring and evaluation and improves service quality. In 2015, two occupational health service agencies of CNOOC have conducted two occupational health monitoring and evaluation, including 26 pre-evaluation projects on occupational disease hazards, 22 evaluation projects on occupational disease hazard control, 14 assessment projects on the status quo of occupational disease hazards and 91 monitoring projects on occupational health hazards.

Operational Safety

CNOOC regards operational safety as the lifeline of its sustainable development. Adhering to the core values of “safety first, environment utmost, people oriented and equipment intact” in environment protection and safety, the company constantly improves its safe production guarantee system, enhances safety control in personnel, production process and emergency response, and builds a company with inherent safety.

Safety Culture

Based on the concept of “people oriented and safety first”, CNOOC advocates behavior regulations on field, including “Conduct on Safety Signs” and “Five Dos and Five Don'ts”. Through various forms of safety training, employees transform the safety culture into awareness and behaviors.

Corresponsive to the increasingly young operation teams, more contractors and wider range of operations, CNOOC enhances the safety training system and means to enhance the training quality and efficiency. The company fully utilizes internal resources to construct a safety training curriculum and platform for all employees. The company also develops an on-line education platform, trains a team of internal part-time trainers and enhances the safety training management.

Work Safety

CNOOC constantly enhances the safety management system to provide a safe working environment to employees and contractors and to build leading filed safety management.

CNOOC strengthens the QHSE system, adheres to systemic management mode and coordinates to draw up annual inspection plans. In 2015, the company inspected the QHSE systems of 7 affiliates.

CNOOC promotes constant elimination of hazards with IT tools. In 2015, the Major Hazard Source and Hazards Elimination System reported a total of 94,904 hazards, of which 94,737 (99.82%) have been solved. Complying with national requirements, the company carries out “Six Crackdowns and Six Solutions” activity. The company eliminated oil spill risks, conducted safety investigation and examination upon operations on ships under repair or construction, self-owned railways and helicopters and improved production safety along the whole industrial chain.

CNOOC conducts special inspections on pipeline hazards, crude oil storage tank hazards, hazardous chemicals products and inflammable and explosive products. Meanwhile, the company enhances communication with local governments and local communities to actively promote hazard control for oil and gas transmission pipelines.

With the improvement of safety production system as the core, CNOOC timely grasps the key links of overseas major and new projects and highlights important changes and potential risks in production processes of overseas projects. The company aims for timely and effective risk anticipation and technological support, thus ensuring intrinsic safety of overseas projects.

In 2015, CNOOC enhanced the overseas emergency response system and focused on improving the emergency response system in Iraq and Myanmar. In overseas areas where the company conducts oilfield services, the company formulated HSE management plans. The company also strengthened exchanges to promote good practices in overseas HSE management.

Emergency Response

Based on hazard identification and risk analysis, CNOOC constantly enhances the emergency response system, training and drills to strengthen overall risk prevention.

In 2015, CNOOC mobile maritime emergency command system was put into use. The maritime mobile emergency command and communication system covered the offshore China and realized systematic management and coordination among the headquarters, regional branches and emergency management platforms. It also provided communication support for handling offshore emergencies and enhanced the overall emergency response capacity of CNOOC branches.

CNOOC continuously improves the offshore oil spill response ability. In 2015, in addition to the existing six oil spill emergency bases, CNOOC constructed Huizhou Base and Hengqin Base and launched the expansion of Dongying Base, Daishan Base and Weizhou island Base. Four oil spill response vessels were put into use in the Bohai Bay, the East China Sea and the Eastern South China Sea, and the construction of CNOOC's tenth oil spill response vessel began. The expansion in emergency response bases and vessels further enhanced CNOOC's competitiveness in the field.

CNOOC constantly improves the typhoon response mechanism. In 2015, the typhoons influenced the production in offshore China for 50 days. The evacuations and production recoveries involved 23,708 employees, 1,105 times of helicopters and 33 times of vessels, without any casualties.

In 2015, CNOOC, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) constructed a trilateral management platform for joint emergency response. The operating areas are divided into 15 zones, 11onland and 4 offshore. The platform realized uniform registration, planning, coordination and joint management of emergency rescue teams, available emergency relief supplies and equipment in each zone.

CNOOC, as a member of the Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, actively participates in regional cooperation on search and rescue with available resources In 2015, the company participated in rescues for 36 times and rescued 59 people, for which it received the honorary titles of “Advanced Unit” from several provinces and municipalities.

CNOOC keeps enhancing its global oil spill prevention capability. The Regional Industry Technical Advisory Group (RITAG) which the company initiated has 6 emergency response members, including South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. CNOOC signed a cooperation agreement with OS-CT, the largest oil spill emergency response company in Indonesia. It cooperates with OSRL (Oil Spill Response Limited), SINTEF (The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology), and ITOPF (International Tanker Owner Pollution Federation) to form a global emergency response system and enhance oil spill prevention capability in operating areas.

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