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CNOOC Limited Announces Its First Onshore Centralized Photovoltaic Project Connected to the Grid

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On July 5, CNOOC Limited announced that the company's first onshore centralized photovoltaic project – the Animal Husbandry-solar Complementary Project in Hezuo City, Gannan Autonomous Prefecture is connected to the grid for power generation.

The project is located in Gannan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province of China, where the altitude is as high as 3,000 meters. It covers an area of approximately 930,000 square meters, with a total installed capacity of 40 MW and supported by a 6 MW/12 MWh energy storage facility. Compared with coal-fired generators of the same capacity, the project can save more than 20,000 tons of standard coal each year.

Built with tall racks and no fence, the project enables integration of green energy and husbandry by using the upper space for photovoltaic power generation and the meadow for grazing at the same time. The project will bring more income to local farmers and herdsmen, help to optimize local energy and industrial structures while effectively contributing to rural revitalization in the long run.

Zhou Xinhuai, CEO and President of the company, said, “CNOOC Limited actively explores the development of new energy sector and new industries. The Animal Husbandry-solar Complementary Project levers local resources and advantages to practice the integration mode of 'new energy + rural special industries + N'. It facilitates the company's pursuit of green and low-carbon transition, while also drives high-quality development of local industries.”

CNOOC Limited owns 100% equity interest in the Animal Husbandry-solar Complementary Project.

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