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CNOOC Iraq Helps Improve Water Supply for Local Community

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In a village near Buzurgan, Missan Province, Iraq, a new water supply pipeline is transporting clean water from the Tigris River to the 300 villagers for household, irrigation and livestock uses.

A few years ago, the villagers had to get water from a pumping station in the nearby city. Having been in use for over forty years, the pumping station now has a limited capacity and aging pipelines. Sometimes the villagers near Buzurgan had to use water trucks to pull water from far away, and some villagers draw water from underground by digging wells and ponds. However, from May to October, the high temperature leads to reduction of water storage in wells and ponds, and the local community faces a severe shortage of domestic and agriculture water.

In 2014, CNOOC Iraq started to construct a new water pumping station and water pipelines for Missan oilfield and the operating area. After two years of efforts, the water pipelines became fully connected with a daily delivery capacity of 8,000 cubic meters. While providing water for working and living of the oilfield staff, the project opened up branch lines in neighboring villages to facilitate the water consumption of local residents. In addition, to solve the waste caused by aging local water pipelines, CNOOC Iraq is communicating to help build a new water pipeline from the nearby city to Buzurgan and open branch lines in more villages along the line.

The company has also helped built two schools, 97 kilometers of roads, as well as bridges, power grids, water supply, sewage systems and other facilities for the local community.

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