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Accelerating the development of natural gas and power generation is not only in line with the national strategy of energy consumption structure adjustment, but also a practical way for the Company to conduct low-carbon motion, respond to Paris Agreement, correspond to energy revolution, supply clean energy and promote green development. Natural gas and power generation has become a significant plate in the mid- and downstream chain of the company and shows the greatest growth potential.

In response to global warming, natural gas is getting more and more important as key low-carbon clean energy. In 2016, CNOOC Gas & Power Group strengthened the strategic study on the natural gas, pushed forward the optimized and coordinated development of industrial chain and actively participated in studying and making significant policies including the national oil and gas system reform, the national 13th “Five-Year Plan of Natural Gas”, TPA of the natural gas, infrastructure, decentralization of newly-built LNG terminals and the supervision and audition of pipeline transportation price cost.

With an emphasis on the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay, CNOOC Gas & Power Group continued to expand the natural gas supply network, construct LNG receiving terminals and build the coastal natural gas channel to provide clean energy for the sustainable development of the surrounding economy. In 2016, the natural gas business of the 13th “Five-Year Plan” achieved a great start, with 16.52 million tons of LNG import volume and 21.5 billion kWh of power generating capacity. By the end of 2016, the natural gas business of CNOOC was distributed in 20 provinces and 90 cities in China. Meanwhile, 7 LNG receiving terminals were put into commercial operation and the annual LNG receiving capacity reached 27.8 million tons with 206 service stations, and the natural gas long-distance land transportation pipeline reached 4,513 kilometers.

The development and sales of natural gas market kept improving steadily. The company successively intensified the market development, actively sought for new increasing points in natural gas industry and prospectively conducted innovative sales models study including electricity sales company, natural gas distribution energy and “Internet+”. While keeping the natural gas market advantages in southeast coast, it kept extending to north and inland China, realizing the expansion from coast to inland and from first-tier to second-tier cities. In 2016, the sales of natural gas of the resource pool of CNOOC Gas & Power Group increased substantially with the annual sales of 14.8 billion cubic meters and 19% of year-on-year growth. In the meantime, the regional sales increased rapidly, the liquid distribution of LNG achieved relatively great performance. In addition, through the strengthening of communication and coordination, participation of transaction in Shanghai Oil and Natural Gas Transaction Center, setting up internet sales platform, flexible pricing and other measures, the company expanded the LNG market comprehensively. The annual liquid distribution of LNG sales of the resource pool reached 2.41 million tons with 37% of year-on-year growth.

The natural gas power generation remained in safe and steady operation. The company guaranteed the safe and stable production and operation. It actively conducted the power direct supply and power sales company research at the same time. Zhongshan Jiaming Power Plant and Hainan Power Generation actively coordinated with the government to increase power generation quota and kept the leading position in the whole province. Zhuhai Power Plan, Shenzhen Power Plant and Putian Power Plant continued to optimize operation model, reasonably arranged maintenance, and actively tried new energy saving methods and deepened the potential digging, thus all economic indexes were increased.

CNOOC Gas & Power Group tried their best to fulfill the political and social responsibility as a central enterprise. Trade and related receiving stations fully played their LNG emergency supply guarantee advantages to fully complete the emergency supply guarantee task in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Tianjin and other cities through emergency resources allocation, regional cooperation, staff allocation strengthening and other measures, which vigorously decreased the utilization of local coals and contributed actively to the local green ecology.

CNOOC Gas & Power Group actively built completed natural gas industrial chain service system and actively expanded the internal and external technology service market. Meanwhile, the means for creating technological achievements were diversified. The self-owned core technology big-scale storage tank was applied in two projects including Fujian LNG5/6# tank and Tianjin Replacement Construction, which brought forward the general contracting capacity construction of CNOOC in LNG industry. With its own technological advantages, team design and building capacity and high-quality construction performance, big-scale LNG Full Containment Storage Tank technology entered the domestic and overseas market and made a powerful step in engineering technology service field, and the operation of Fujian maintenance center has effectively upgraded the emergency rescue capacity of Fujian and east Guangdong. Meanwhile, the gas turbine operation and maintenance service went abroad for the first time, which accumulated experience and cultivated talents for the overseas project management.

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