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Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise and the source of power for the development of an enterprise. In 2017, CNOOC conformed to the global energy development trend, gave full play to the leading role of enterprise culture, strengthened confidence under pressure, uniformed the thought and gathered the strength of all staff, promoted the construction of enterprise culture and fully ensured the survival and development of the Company.


Spirit of CNOOC

The Company carried forward the Spirit of CNOOC, held theme activities, built ideological consensus, set examples of advanced individuals and units, inspired the passion of all staff for devotion, truth-seeking and innovation and shaped the great image of CNOOC.

CNOOC carried out the corporate debate on carrying forward the Spirit of Oil, which was expanded to the grassroots level with Party Committees at every level taking the leading role and basic Party branches being main body of activities. Leaders of Party organizations at all levels gave more than 100 special lectures on the Spirit of Oil, all subordinate units organized site visits, speech contests and lectures on reviewing the history of CNOOC, etc. All grass-roots Party branches in the Company were covered by the debate activities. China Offshore Oil Press devoted 6 columns to the activities such as “Carrying forward the Spirit of Oil in Action”. 22 special articles were released on WeChat and 24 interview videos on the debate were planned and produced.

CNOOC conducted a tour of thematic lecture “Carryingvforward the Spirit of Oil”, with the theme of “Party Building Promoting Production”, focusing on the key attention of the Party Leadership Group, including the emphases and hot topics closely related to the overall reform and development of the Company, vividly showed the work highlights of every business sector and spiritual features of the staff. 11 lectures were held in eight main areas, with nearly 6,000 CNOOC employees attending the scene, more than 1,000 people watched the live show through the online platform “Blue Live”. Many of the audience commented that they were shocked not only by the mental power conveyed by CNOOC people, but also by the deeper understanding of the Spirit of Oil.

CNOOC carefully compiled the 2017 Annual Report on Party Building, continued to enhance the brand building for the annual report by further highlighting characteristics, pioneering thinking and innovation path, made a multidimensional and vivid presentation of Party building achievements, and better demonstrated the productivity of Party building. Making full use of new media technologies, CNOOC continued to build the “Party E Branch in CNOOC”, a WeChat Public Account of CNOOC. At present, the account is followed by 4,631 people and covers 100% of Party organizations and party-masses departments at all levels in the Company, Through constantly enriching content and innovating forms, the account conducted activities such as the live show of “Education of Spirit of Party in Basic Party Organizations” and “Swearing an Oath Together with the General Secretary of CPC”, etc. further enhancing pervasiveness, attractiveness and influence.

CNOOC keeps setting advanced individuals and units as examples for others. In 2017, the Company edited the “Examples of CNOOC – Deeds of the Advanced Collectives and Model Workers of China’s Marine oil Industry (2014-2016)”, which contains the moving stories of 15 advanced collectives and 25 model workers, to wider spread the Spirit of Oil and the Culture of CNOOC.

Chu Jinyong, “CNOOC Frogman”, and Gai Fengxi, “Key Stand”, were elected “Craftsmen of the Great Nation –Energy, Chemistry and Geology” and were recommended to take part in the key activities of “Chinese Dream – Craftsmen of the Great Nation”, carried out jointly by Cyberspace Administration of China and All-China Federation of Trade Unions. Their deeds have been reported by 23 mainstream media including People’s Daily Online and Xinhua news. The Company also recommended Xu Changgui to take part in the special programme “Magnificent Voyage”, recorded by CCTV for the successful convocation of the 19th CPC National Congress.

The Company strengthens the construction of window for the corporate brand to improve the value of the brand “CNOOC”. As brand carrier, CNOOC exhibition hall received 1,631visitor in the year of 2017, carried out 11 activities such as “Visiting CNOOC” on Children’s Day and opening days, and other public welfare activities like “Mobile Classroom for Offshore Oil”. The exhibition hall was listed in the first batch of national research, practice and education projects for students of primary and secondary schools by the Ministry of Education, as one of the four projects of the national assets system. It was also awarded as the “Demonstration Project” of the underground space management of the central state organs.

Culture Promotion

In 2017, CNOOC proactively made positive campaign, strengthened the mainstream voice and improved the level of journalism and campaign work. The quantity and quality of reports attained new breakthroughs.

CNOOC focused on plan and report of the main business. The successful start-up of the Phase II Project of Huizhou Refinery, the deliveries of China’s first movable trial production platform and first trenching DP working vessel “HAI YANG SHI YOU 295”, as well as Pan Asia LNG carrier, were reported by mainstream medier such as Xinhua News, CCTV, People’s Daily Online, and China Energy News, etc. On the eve of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Economic Daily devoted a whole page to report CNOOC’s achievement during the five past years with the headline of “Deeply Rooted in Exploring Marine Resources, Realize the Dream of Blue Sky and Sea”, and introduced the environmental protection of Bohai Oilfield with the theme of “Develop by Protection and Protect by Development”. The campaign has achieved good results. CNOOC managed to diversify the propaganda methods.

For example, the Company collaborated with CCTV to plan and film the documentary “Push forward into the Deep Sea”, a series in “Discover China”, which profoundly presented the great achievements of CNOOC in equipment and talents in the process of pushing forward into the deep sea. A survey shows that three consecutive episodes of the documentary won the No.1 of TV rating nationwide in the same time period. During the 19th CPC National Congress, CCTV1 and CCTV9 broadcasted “The Source of Energy”, an episode of the TV series “Super Engineering”, which introduced the ship building of “HAI YANG SHI YOU 286” in detail. By telling the stories behind the project, the great efforts made by and challenges faced by CNOOC people on the way of pushing forward into the deep sea were showed to the public.

The Company and Xinhua News Agency jointly planned the interview with Yang Hua, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CNOOC, as one of the series of interviews for the programme “New State-owned Enterprises Forging Ahead”. The interview showed the public the great achievements made by CNOOC since the 18th National Congress in deepening the state-owned enterprises reform and building the international first-class energy company with Chinese characteristics.

The representatives of the deep water drilling and completion team were organized by the Company to take part in “Children Travel far From Home”, the special programme of Hunan Satellite TV for celebrating the 19th CPC National Congress, telling the stories behind the work and life of CNOOC people and singing in the chorus the Song of Marine Oil in the public media for the first time. The activity showed the achievements of China’s oil industry as well as the spirit of fighting, selfless dedication, native land emotion and contribution to the motherland by energy. The Company displayed the model of drilling platform “HAI YANG SHI YOU 981” in the “Five-Year Achievements of Forging Ahead Exhibition”, organized by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, on the occasion just before the convocation of CPC National Congress. The exhibition was highly concerned by Party and state leaders, the public and the media, and helped the Company establish a good image.

CNOOC enhanced the use of new media as complementary means of traditional media and achieved “focus communication”. By the end of 2017, the Company had operated 5 WeChat Public Accounts and microblogs, of which 3 were followed by more than 50,000 fans respectively. The total number of fans was 230,000. Picture, text, video, H5 and other forms were used, with original or forwarded content, to release the dynamic work in a way easy to understand and rich in forms. The activity, numbers of subscription, forwarding and ‘saved in favorite’ of the new media platforms continuously grew up. In 2017, the 5 new media platforms released more than 2,300 messages of all kinds and won over 12 million clicks. Among these messages, 32 videos and more than 200 articles were pushed for the special subject of the 19th CPC National Congress.

Employee’s lives

CNOOC advocates “Happy Working and Happy Living”, enriches employees’ cultural life by various activities and strives to help employees achieve a balance between work and life. The Company continued to carry out “Health Embraces CNOOC” activities, actively advocate the concept of sport health, strengthen the physical and mental health management for employees, vigorously promote the second-level subordinate units to set up staff associations of basketball, badminton, etc. and actively carry out culture and sports activities for the staff, which could be various and small-scale but loved by the masses.

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