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The maening of CNOOC Logo: The blue outer lane and the ripples symbolize China offshore. The red "CNOOC" is the abbreviation of "China" National Offshore Oli Corporation":The First Capital "C" symbolizes the rising sun meaning that the offshore oli industry is flourishing :"CNOOC" symbolizes the offshore Drilling Platfrom; the projecting "N" symbolizes a drilling derrick


CNOOC regards and meets people's demands, and respects people's value, improve people's quality, give full play to people's abilities, guarantee people's rights and interests, strengthen cohesion and make people and the enterprise develop together.

CNOOC tries to provide good quality energy for the development of the state and powerfully support social advance; sticks to the Scientific concept of development and sustainable development to realize harmonious and unified economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.

Create win-win benefits
CNOOC follows the principle of win-win effects and mutual-benefits, seek for the ways of cooperation to create winwin benefits, integrate resources, supplement each other by own advantages, co-develop harmoniously and exert our potentials to realize the best allocation of resources, optimal organization, best utilization of talents and maximum value.

Be credible
During operation, CNOOC is credible, open and transparent, keeps promises, and maximizes the corporate value on the premise of not impairing social interests or the interests of other parties concerned.

We cultivate creativity and development ability, learn new information, new knowledge and new concepts, establish advanced concepts and systems, break through the limitation of regulations, develop the best technologies and techniques, and achieve first-class performance and pattern.

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