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2016 Honors            
January 8

“Key Technologies and Application for Improving Recovery Efficiency of Offshore Heavy Oil Polymer Flooding” recommended by CNOOC won the second prize for National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

March 29

“Hai Yang Shi You 981” won the second China Quality Award.

April 26

CNOOC Ltd. was selected into the “Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks in HK Listed Companies” for successive 6 years. CNOOC ranked No.17 this year and the net profit ranked No.9 in Top 10.

May 10

CNOOC “Blue Force” was selected into the Top Ten Voluntary Service Brands of Central State-owned Enterprises.

June 8

Deepwater drilling and completion team of Western South China Sea Oil Management Bureau was selected as “2015 Ocean Character”.

July 15

CNOOC ranked class A for successive 12 years and 4 sessions in assessment.

July 22

The fifth Tibet aid project team won “Social Poverty Relief Advanced Team” award in Tibet, which made it the only team won this award among five Tibet aid central enterprises.

November 15

CNOOC Ltd. won the “Best Environmental Responsibility Award” in “2016 Annual Enterprises Awards” held by Treasury .

November 23

CNOOC won the “The Listed Company with the Most Valuable Brand Value” of “Golden Bauhina Awards” from Ta Kung Pao . CNOOC Ltd.’s Chairman Yang Hua won the prize of “The Most Influential Leader of the Listed Company” of “Golden Bauhina Awards” from Ta Kung Pao .

December 12

Chinese President Xi Jinping met 300 civilized families who won the “National Civilized Family”; Zhao Yao, who is an employee in the Xijiang Oilfield operation zone in Eastern South China Sea Oil Management Bureau, together with his wife Liu Ping, were among these 300 families.

December 27

CNOOC won “2016 China Benefit Corporation” award.

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