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Announcement of Notification for Bidding Blocks Offshore China in 2017

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1. General Information of the Open Blocks in offshore China

In 2017, twenty-two (22) Open Blocks covering an area of 47,270 km2 are available for cooperation between CNOOC and the foreign companies. More detailed information lays out in Appendix 1 -3. Please down load by press the button.

Appendix 1: Location Map of 2017 Open Blocks Offshore China

Appendix 2: Coordinates of 2017 Open Blocks Offshore China

Appendix 3: Information of 2017 Open Blocks Offshore China

2. Special Instruction

(1) With the vision of win-win cooperation, based on the revised 4th Model Contract and in accordance with geological conditions and exploration requirements in the different sea area and block area, CNOOC intends to take the following flexible and favorable measures in the exploitation in the deep water area, deep player or the HTHP area including :

• consider to extend the exploration period and production period properly.

• consider to reduce the relinquishment percentage or without the requirement of the relinquishment when the first phase or the second phase of the exploration period expired.

• consider to adjust its participating interest percentage in the development phase.

• consider to take more flexible method on the timing of the signature payment.

Above favorable measures will be determined through consultation based on the different conditions in the block area.

(2) If some discovery with certain amount of the reserve has been made in the bidding block area, then the way to compensate to CNOOC’s past exploration cost has to be considered as one of the preconditions to award the bidding .

(3) For the bidding blocks with specific single prospect, CNOOC has the right to continue its independent exploration work before receiving any written bidding proposal from the foreign company. If the foreign company is still interested in such single prospect where the independent exploration work has been conducted by CNOOC, then the specific cooperative model and the timing for joining the project by the foreign company can be negotiated by CNOOC and the foreign company whenever necessary. If any discovery has been made by CNOOC’s independent exploration work , item (2) will be applied.

(4)As an innovation manner, CNOOC welcome the bidding proposal from the consortium composed by the foreign oil company and the financial investment company. If the bidding proposal is purely from the financial investment company or the consortium composed by the financial investment company without the upstream operation experience, then such financial investment company or its consortium has to commit to have CNOOC act as the operator in its bidding proposal.

(5)The bidder is required to provide a written bidding guarantee with US $ 200,000.

(6)The foreign company which cooperates with CNOOC for the first time , is required before accessing to the data room, to provide relevant qualification review documents including but not limited to: certificate of incorporation, company organization framework, financial statement (annual report, financial report, balance sheet, profit statement ) in recent three (3) years, major achievements particularly in upstream exploitation experiences or the successful cases in upstream investment, as well as the HSE record in recent three (3) years.

3. Requirement and Information for Data Room Visit

Data room opening date:date of this notification announcement.

Data room closing date: June 15th, 2017.

(1) Procedure for Data Room Visit and Data Purchase

All qualified foreign companies may access to the data room and purchase some data according to the following procedure and some other provisions of CNOOC:

• To apply for data room visit by written application to CNOOC.

• CNOOC will arrange and notify the foreign companies by written letter about the respective schedule.

• After receiving notice from CNOOC, foreign companies can directly go to visit the data room.

• Foreign companies may directly contact with the principal of data room if purchase any data.

(2) Contact Person

Ms. Zhang Lei

Tel:(86-10)84521499 Fax: (86-10)64011987


(3) Data Room Location

• Shen Zhen Dataroom

Address: Number 3168, CNOOC Building, Houhaibin Road, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Blocks: 17/15,29/20,27/18,41/10,27/17,27/24,42/12,27/12,16/15,28/06,14/21,05/04,29/24,42/14,43/08,44/07.

• Zhanjiang Dataroom

Address: CNOOC Building, Nanyouyyiqu, Potou, Zhanjiang City of Guangzhou Province.

Blocks: 26/22,39/17,22/11,23/07,22/04,22/10.

4. Termination Date for Bidding: September 15th , 2017

5. Tender or Bidding Proposal Submission


Mr. Guo Fengwei, Deputy Director, Legal Department, CNOOC

No.25, Chaoyangmenbei Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

The People’s Republic of China

Post Code: 100010

Tel : (86-10) 84521615

Fax : (86-10) 64013119

E-mail: guofw@cnooc.com.cn

Appendix 1: Location Map of 2017 Open Blocks Offshore China

Location Map of 2017 Open Blocks Offshore China


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